Teen arrested for driving off with vehicle

MARION  — A teenager was arrested Thursday in Marion for unlawfully driving away with a relative's vehicle and almost hitting family members who tried to stop him.

Troopers from the Mount Pleasant State Police Post Reed City Detachment were dispatched to Marion for an unlawfully driving away an automobile complaint. The victim told police he was outside of his home when he observed his vehicle driving around Marion. The victim recognized the driver as a teenage family member.

The teenager stopped at a local gas station while driving the vehicle throughout Marion. Family members were contacted and they attempted to stop the teenager by taking the keys out of the ignition at the gas station. As a relative was attempting to remove the keys, the teenager sped off toward the family members and almost hit them. No one was injured during this incident.

Troopers later apprehended the teenager at his residence without incident. The 16-year-old was transported and detained at an Osceola County youth facility pending charges of unlawful motor vehicle use, felonious assault with a vehicle and no operator’s license.