REED CITY -- Residents have a chance to ask questions and learn about what is going on in their neighborhood each Friday as Osceola County Sheriff Ed Williams takes to Facebook Live for weekly updates.

"I started doing the videos because I wanted to provide information to our community about the sheriff's office," Williams said, adding he has been making the videos for the past three weeks at noon on Fridays.

Williams said one of the main ways he has been using the Facebook Live chats is to share the names of people with active warrants in the county.

He said part of why he is doing this is to encourage people with any information to provide anonymous tips through Silent Observer, a nonprofit organization which gives community members a way to relay information on crimes to the police without being asked to provide their name.

"We give out the names and crimes and see what the public can do to help us," Williams said, explaining many of the people who have been charged but not yet arrested have moved or are hiding, and tips through Silent Observer can be helpful in locating people with warrants.

"I just wanted to get a list of people out to the community of who is wanted to help the victims get some closure," he said. "It's not just a warrant, there is a victim at the end of it."

In addition to sharing the names of people with warrants, Williams said the goal of the Facebook videos is simply to answer questions and keep people updated on what is happening in the county.

"I want that free and open communication with the people we serve," he said.

Williams said he has been receiving a great deal of feedback from area residents on the videos and he is glad to see people are appreciative of the information shared in them.

"There's a lot of folks during this pandemic who are worried," Williams said. "They are worried about their health. They are worried about the economy. If I can talk to everyone and bring any sort of calm to it and answer their questions, I will. I think the communication really helps."

To participate in the Facebook Live video conversations, go to the Osceola County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.