Reed City police reports


If you see any suspicious activity, call 911. For a non-emergency call 832-3255. Email tips to Officers continue to perform property inspections and serve the appropriate abatement paperwork for those in violation of the Reed City Ordinances for tall grass, trash and vehicles though out the week.


  • Officers received a complaint regarding an identity thief situation. The matter is under investigation.


  • Officers were dispatched to local business regarding a verbal argument taking place in the parking lot. The customers were concerned it was about to become physical. The four individuals involved in the argument had left before officers arrived.


  • While on foot patrol officers found a suspicious situation regarding an open back door to one of the upstairs apartments. Officers found nothing out of the norm and unable to reach the owner or tenant. The officer secured the door. Case closed.


  • Officers were requested to assist the Osceola Sheriff’s Department regarding an alarm activation. Employees were found to be on scene.
  • Officers were dispatched to local playground regarding a dog at large. Officers were able catch the friendly dog and locate the owner from the dog tags. The owner was issued verbal warning and the dog was returned to it home.
  • Officers issued verbal warning to a couple of juvenile males after they were observed striking a chain link fence of the neighboring property with baseball bats.
  • Officers were requested to respond to a local residence and assisted the Michigan State Police attempt a warrant arrest.
  • The school liaison officer is investigating an incident involving a vehicle passing a stopped bus with its red flashers on.


  • Officers were informed of a suspicious situation involving a juvenile male being held against his will. Officers made contact with the mother and the juvenile and the matter was unfounded. Case closed.
  • Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex regarding a dispute between tenants. Officers issued verbal warnings and explained to those involved not to be standing out in front of the apartments or any public place and screaming and cause a disturbance. Officers advised they take the matter up with the apartment manager.
  • Officers were requested to take a report regarding a suspicious situation with a child’s prescription refill. The child’s mother told the officer that the estranged father refilled their child’s prescribed medication at the local pharmacy without her knowledge. Officers spoke with the child’s father finding no criminal activity or fraudulent intent.
  • Officers received a complaint regarding telephone harassment. The 57-year-old female stated she had received phone calls from a 32-year-old male in jail. She did not accept the charges but wished for the calls to stop. The matter is under investigation.
  • Officers received a call from a 45-year-old female that over heard her neighbor threaten to damage her vehicle. She added that she had caught her neighbor’s children breaking the sprinklers at the apartment complex in which they both reside. She had taken pictures and let the management know who was doing the damage. No damage was done to her vehicle at the time. Officers informed her that it was a civil issue at this time and that she was doing the right thing by involving her manager to deal with her neighbors.


  • Officers were dispatched to the home of a 58-year-old female who called regarding a suspicious situation. She stated there were men dressed in hunters orange parked outside her residence and it made her uncomfortable. Upon the officers arrival the men and car were gone.
  • Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding a suspicious situation. The caller stated there was a verbal argument taking place a few houses down the block and requested officers check things out. Officers searched the area and found no activity in the area at that time. Case closed.


  • Officers observed a juvenile walking down the street past 2 a.m. The 16-year-old male was taken into custody until his mother was able to pick him up and take him home. A citation for curfew violation was issued.
  • While on foot patrol offices found a purse with checks, cash and other various items inside including an identification card. Officers made arrangements to meet and turned the purse over to the owner. Case closed.
  • Officers were dispatched to the back of a local business regarding a shirtless, intoxicated and belligerent male, who had urinated in the parking lot and was rummaging though used clothing drop box. The 43-year-old male was arrested for disturbing the peace. He was transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.


  • Officers were dispatched to Reed City Spectrum Health Reed City campus hospital regarding an unruly juvenile in the parking lot. The parents concerned that they would get in trouble if they had to use force to take their own child in for treatment. Officers informed the mother that she was able as the parent to handle the situation and that she would not get in trouble for simply trying to physically control her out-of-control child. Once inside the child calmed down, officers cleared.