Reed City police report

Reed City

Police Report

10/ 3-10/09

If you see any suspicious activity, call 911. For a non-emergency call 832-3255. Email tips to

Officers continue to perform property inspections and serve the appropriate abatement paperwork for those in violation of the Reed City Ordinances for tall grass, trash and vehicles though out the week. Please be aware the placement of yard waste and leaves into the curbs and gutters also is a violation of the city ordinance. It causes problems with the storm drains and will not be allowed. The Reed City Police Department is enforcing the ordinance for those who are non-compliant. Additionally all household trash, including those that are set out on Large Pickup Day, must be in the approved blue trash bags available at the City Hall, or it will not be picked up. All trash and cans are required to be removed from the curbside by 7 p.m. on Thursdays.

Oct. 3

  • Officers received a complaint from a female that she was being harassed while out jogging on two separate occasions. She added that the same two men are yelling at her as they drive by and appear to be upset over T-shirts she was wearing in support of law enforcement.
  • Officers were notified of a business that had been scammed into wiring money to a fraudulent person claiming to be Consumers Energy. The caller told them the business would lose power if the money wasn’t sent right away. The matter is under investigation. Please beware of these types of scams and call the company back using the phone number on your bill should you receive anyone calling wanting money wired.
  • Officers received a report from a 55-year-old female claiming that her ex-husband had a verbal altercation the day before. Officers took the information and explained that this is a civil matter.
  • Officers received a complaint of a vehicle hit-and-run accident that took place in a parking lot. No injuries were reported. The matter is under investigation.

Oct. 5

  • Officers received a rude and careless driver complaint. Officers took the information and found that the individual described was in violation of his parole. The matter has been turned over to his parole officer.
  • While performing a traffic stop, officers found the 33-year-old female driver had a criminal bench failure to appear warrant out of the 77th District Court. She was placed under arrest and transported to the Osceola County Jail where she was lodged without incident.

Oct. 7

  • While performing a traffic stop, officers found the 50-year-old male driver had a misdemeanor warrant out of 77th District Court. He was then placed under arrest, transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail and his vehicle towed without incident.
  • While on patrol, officers found two juveniles out past curfew. Upon transporting the boys home, officers found one of them had been drinking. Both boys were issued curfew violation citations in addition to the one minor in procession of alcohol.
  • Officers received a complaint regarding harassment from neighbors. A 62-year-old female complained that the neighbors were taking pictures of her guests as they come and go from her house. Officers explained that the situation is a civil matter as long as they don’t enter her property or photograph any area that would not normally be visible to a public area. Case closed.

Oct. 9

  • Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding an intoxicated female who was refusing to leave her daughter’ s home. Officers assisted with the transportation of the 37-year-old female to a place to stay for the evening.
  • Officers received a found bicycle. If you or anyone you know is missing a bicycle please call the Reed City Police Department with a description at (231) 832-3743.