Reed City police report

Reed City

Police Report


If you see any suspicious activity, call 911. For a non-emergency call (231) 832-3255. Email tips to

Officers continue to perform property inspections and serve the appropriate abatement paperwork for those in violation of the Reed City Ordinances for Tall Grass, Trash and Vehicles thought out the week.


  • The school liaison officer took a report regarding the treatment of a student by other students. The liaison officer passed the information on the school authorities to be aware of the situation.
  • Officers alerted a semi-truck driver that the gas cap was off his vehicle and splashing fuel when stopping and taking off. A verbal warning also was issued.
  • Officers were called to local residence regarding a 36-year-old male hanging around outside a residence he had been asked to leave. Officers located the individual and issued a verbal warning he was not to trespass on the property. Officers found he had valid warrants for his arrest. He was then transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.


  • Officers assisted the Michigan State Police with a rollover one vehicle accident. No injuries were reported.


  • Officers were dispatched to local church regarding a LifeLine activation. Officers found the elderly female had accidentally tripped the LifeLine button. Case closed.
  • Officer received a call requesting a well-being check be performed on a 23-year-old male. Officers located the individual at his home and found him to be fine. Case closed.


  • Officers were dispatched to the Crossroads Depot regarding a suspicious situation. The 911 caller stated a male was seen carrying a female into the restroom area. Officers arrived to find found juveniles in the Depot. They told the officer they were just goofing around. Officers made contact with one of the parents who came and picked them up. Case closed.
  • Officers located and arrested a 17-year-old male on an outstanding warrant for larceny. He was lodged at the Osceola County Jail without incident.
  • Officers were dispatched to an area business to assist the Michigan State Police regarding a disorderly employee. Upon the officers arrival the 20-year-old female began to calm down and the problem between the employee and manger had settled itself out.


  • Officers were dispatched to a one-vehicle accident on U.S. 131 where the vehicle had struck the guard rail. It was believed to be in the city limits, however on arrival was determined to be in the county. Officers assisted the Michigan State Police in attempting to locate the driver who had left the scene. The driver was not located.
  • Officers were dispatched to an individual operating motorized vehicle on the Pere Marquette Trail. The individual was located and spoken to. The matter is under investigation.
  • Officers were dispatched to investigate a 911 hang-up call. It was determined the 42-year-old male had accidentally pressed the emergency dial while plugging his phone in to charge. The man was found to have an outstanding child support warrant and was arrested and lodged at the Osceola County Jail without incident.


  • Officers were requested for backup by the Michigan State Police on a traffic stop. There were several individuals and officers stood by for officer safety.
  • Officers were called to a vacant business to investigate an unlawful entry and possible property damage. Several juveniles were located on scene and the matter is under further investigation.


  • Officers were dispatched to a call of harassment. The suspect in the case was warned against further unwanted contact and advised if it continued charges may be sought.