Reed City Police Report

If you see any suspicious activity, call 911.  For a non-emergency call 832-3255. Email tips to


  • Officers continue to performed property inspections and served the appropriate abatement paperwork for those in violation of the Reed City Ordinances for grass, trash and vehicles though out the week. 
  • Officers were called regarding a suspicious male asking people for money downtown.   Officers located the 45 year old male, who admitted to be low on cash and asking for money.  He said he was living out of state but owned a home in Baldwin.  He was working for a traveling circus and was dropped off in town to meet up with friends, who never showed up.  He said he planned to walk to his house in Baldwin.  Officers escorted him out of town safely.    


  • Officers questioned a man who was observed loitering in Rambadt Park.  The 45 year old male stated he was just waiting for the bank to open as he was back in town from out of state.   A few hours later Officers were alerted to two Personal Protection Orders out of another jurisdiction that needed to be served to this individual.  The individual was located and served.  
  • Officers were called to process a report on an abandoned vehicle.  
  • Officers issued a verbal warning to a juvenile who was riding a four wheeler on the edge of the city parking lot, throwing gravel around.  City ordinance is there are no Off Road Vehicles to be driven in the city limits.  
  • Officers were dispatched to local bar/restaurant regarding a man sleeping at one of the tables.  The bartender stated they were unable to wake him up and concerned it could be a medical issue.   Once Officers woke the 45 year old male, they realized he was intoxicated and agreed to have the ambulance take him to the emergency room to be evaluated.  During transport to the Reed City Spectrum Health Hospital he became uncooperative and combative with the EMS crew.  Officers than placed him under arrest for Attempted Assault and Disturbing the Peace.     
  • Officers were called to local residence regarding suspicious messages left on an answering machine.  Due to a history of problems with the caller a report was made. 
  • Officers were called to assist the Michigan State Police with locating individuals for questioning.  
  • Officers were called to locale residence regarding a suspicious situation.  The caller stated he saw a flash light or lighter in the window of a neighboring home he thought was vacant.  Officer investigated and found the home was no longer vacant.  Case closed.  
  • Officers observed a suspicious situation with a fire in a yard.  He spoke with the home owners and observed it was in an above ground stone/brick fire pit.  It was not overly large and was being tended to.  The fire pit also had a grate on the top and a cover to go over it as well.  City ordinance is that there are no open fires allowed in the city.    


  • Officers were dispatched to local residence to assist with a verbal domestic situation involving a mentally challenged male.  Officers were able to arrange for family members to stay with the young man until his guardian returned to town.  
  • While perform a traffic stop for speeding, Officers found the 46 year old male to be driving without a license and had and outstanding warrant out of another jurisdiction.  He was then placed under arrest, transported and lodged at the Osceola County Jail without incident.   


  • Officers responded to a local residence regarding a juvenile complaint.  The grandmother stated she was having trouble controlling her grandsons as they were not were they were suppose to be.  While taking the report the boys returned home and stated there was a misunderstanding of the location they would be playing basketball.  Case closed.  
  • Officers were called to local apartment complex to take a report regarding a personal property damage accident.  
  • Officers were dispatched to local residence to take a harassment complaint that took place earlier.  The 25 year old female wanted a report made regarding the threats and harassment she was receiving from her ex-boyfriends new girlfriend who attempted to scare her into running off the road earlier in the day.  Officers then went to speak with the accused female and found she had a warrant for her arrest.  She was then place under arrest, transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.  
  • Officers responded to local apartment complex regarding a domestic assault in progress.  The 25 year old male involved agreed to go the emergency for a mental evaluation.  The Reed City campus Spectrum Health emergency room evaluated and cleared him.  He was then placed under arrest for Non-Aggravated Assault - Domestic, Probation Violation & Violation of his Bond Conditional Release.  He was transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.  


  • Officers were called to perform a stand bye at a local factory as they terminated an employee’s employment.  
  • Officers were called to a local apartment complex regarding a suspicious situation.  The caller stated he saw a vehicle come into the complex, park and wait awhile then leave and return again and do the same.  Officers located the vehicle and found the driver was waiting for a tenant to get home.  Case closed.  
  • Officers were dispatched to meet at a local business regarding a road rage complaint.   


  • Officers were dispatched to a local apartment regarding a noise complaint.  Officers spoke with the neighbors on the next floor, finding no noise problem all in order they issued a verbal warning regarding the city noise ordinance.  Case closed.
  • Officers were dispatched to locate a female walking along US131.  The 29 year old female said her vehicle broke down and she was walking to the gas station to wait for her family to arrive and assist her.  Officers gave her a lift the rest of the way.  Case closed.  
  • While on US 131 assisting with a break down, Officers observed a vehicle out of gas and assisted with transporting them to the gas station.  


  • While on foot patrol Officers observed an open door of a business building. Officers searched the building, finding nothing out of place.  The key holder was notified, who requested the Officer secure the door before leaving.  Case closed.