Reed City Police Report

REED CITY Police Report June 27 – July 3, 2016


  • Officers continue to performed property inspections and served the appropriate abatement paperwork for those in violation of the Reed City Ordinances for grass, trash and vehicles thoughout the week.
  • Officers received a call regarding a larceny or theft from a building. The matter is under investigation.
  • Officers were called to local residence regarding a visiting juvenile grandchild who was refusing to go home with her legal guardian. Having already had dealings the day before with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department, arrangements were made for Child Protective Services to meet the next day. Therefore the juvenile stayed an additional night with her grandmother.
  • Officers were dispatched to local hotel regarding a caller that stated he was wheel chair bound and somehow got to the hotel and didn’t know what room he was in. While searching the hotel, Central Dispatch notified Officers that the man was in the Reed City Spectrum Health Hospital’s Assisted Living Wing. The nurse told dispatch the man had became confused. Case closed.
  • While performing a traffic stop for loud exhaust, Officers found the 28 year old female driver to be driving while her license was suspended (DWLS) for the 4 th time. She was issued a citation on the loud exhaust, and arrested for DWLS. She was transported to the Osceola County Jail with out incident and her vehicle towed.
  • Officers were requested to stop at a local residence regarding a disorderly teenager. Officers had paid a visit regarding this juvenile the day before. Child Protective Services (CPS) was on the scene when Officers arrived. Officers assisted CPS with getting needed information. Officers issued a verbal warning to the teenager regarding her behavior, leaving the family to continue the meeting with the Child Protective Services.
  • Officers received notification of a 41 year old male who had a criminal bench warrant for contempt of court out of the 77th District Court. He was being held at another jurisdiction after he bonded out on their charges; he was then arrested and held until Reed City Police Officers could arrive. He was picked up and transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.
  • While on foot patrol Officers found an unlock door to a downtown business. Finding nothing out of place, Officers made contact with the key holder, who responded and secured the door.
  • Officers located and arrested a 23 year old male, who held an outstanding criminal bench warrant on a probation violation out of the 77th District Court. He was transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.
  • Officers were requested to perform a civil stand by at a local business, while a terminated employee returns to collect his belongings. The appropriate no trespassing paper work was completed and filed.


  • Officers spoke to a utility contractor about temporarily blocking the roadway. No notification was given so that in the event of an emergency public safety could be rerouted and no permit was obtained. A verbal warning was issued.


  • Officers were called to local residence regarding a family dispute. Officers issued the appropriate advise and contact information for help should there be further problems in the future.
  • Officers pulled over a 41 year old male and issued a citation for having an expired license plate. He wasalso arrested for Driving While License was Suspended (DWLS), failure to carry vehicle insurance, and violating his probation. He was transported to the Osceola County Jail where he was lodged without incident.
  • Officers were called to local residence regarding a female who had ran out of her medication. She agreed to be transported to the Reed City Spectrum Health Hospital for an evaluation.
  • Officers received check book ledger that was found on the trail. There is no name or bank information to assist with locating the owner. If you suspect it might be yours please call the Reed City Police Department with a description.
  • While performing a traffic stop, Officers issued the 26 year old male driver an appearance citation for No Insurance and Improper use of a License Plate. He was also given a warning on Failing to Change Address on License. The vehicle was impounded.
  • Officers were dispatched to do an area check after receiving a call with concerns of gun fire. Officers found nothing to indicate there had been any shooting and believed it might have been fireworks.


  • Officers were requested to local business regarding concerns over an unwanted customer who was bothering other customers. The area was checked but the individual was not located.
  • Officers were notified by local residents regarding threats from a neighbor. The man was concern for his safety after receiving verbal threats regarding his dogs barking. The offending neighbor was not at home but officers will make contact with the neighbor in question to inform him that if he has further noise issues with his neighbor’s dogs that he needed to contact the police instead of trying to solve the problem his way which could lead to prosecution.
  • Officers were called to local residence regarding a loud noise complaint. Officers issued a verbal warning.


  • Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding a dog biting another dog. Officers issued a verbal warning regarding the dog at large.