Local police reports



Stolen License Plate — Officers responded to a complaint of a stolen license plate. The plate was reported to Secretary of State as stolen and the investigation remains open.

Domestic Assault — Officers responded to a domestic assault. The complaint was investigated and the subject was arrested. The complaint has been turned over to the prosecuting attorney.


Failure to Pay — Officers responded to a fail to pay complaint at a local business. The case is under investigation at this time.

Check Well Being — Officers were dispatched to a Check Well Being — Contact was made with the subject who was found to be in no danger.

Bond Violation — Officers took a complaint regarding a violation of a person’s bond condition. The case is being investigated and has been turned over to the prosecuting attorney.

Breaking and Entering – Officers responded to a breaking and entering complaint. The scene was investigated and the case remains open.


Civil Complaint — Officers responded to a civil complaint. The subjects were advised to resolve their differences peacefully.

Reed City


The School Liaison Officer was requested to perform a well-being check on a two students. Officer reported back to Child Protective Services both were fine.

Officers came upon a vehicle driving on the White Pine Trails. The 25-year-old male driver from another town stated he thought it was an ally. The officer issued a verbal warning. Case closed.

Officers performed a traffic stop to issue a warning to the operator of a forklift for driving with the forks in a prohibited manner. Michigan law prohibits vehicles with forks or tines to traveling with the forks parallel to the roadway.

While performing a traffic stop for tinted windows, officers found the 30-year-old male driver had given false identification information. Further investigation resulted in discovering he had a suspended driver's license with three prior convictions for DWLS, in addition to three outstanding warrants. The individual was arrested and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.

Officers were dispatched to take a report regarding a Child Protective Service’s referral of possible child abuse. The matter is under a joint investigation with CPS.


Offices issued citations to a 30-year-old female for expired plate and no insurance. Her vehicle was towed pending insurance coverage.


School Liaison Officers assisted with a truancy matter. The student was transported to school to attend the remainder of the day.


Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex regarding a tenant who was upset and there were concerns of a possible suicide attempt. Officers spoke with the man in questioned and found he appeared to be intoxicated and upset but stated he did not need medical attention and was not suicidal.

Officer served vehicle abatement papers to a tenant who owned the uninsured vehicle with an expired registration, parked in the apartment complex parking lot for more than two weeks.

Officers stopped and questioned a couple of young men behind a building in the cemetery. The two explained they had been out for a run. Officer observed their attire reflected that.

Officers observed a 58-year-old male drive through a stop sign nearly hitting his patrol car. The driver was issued a citation for disobeying a stop sign and for operating under the influence of liquor. He was transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.


The School Liaison Officer investigated and reported on the truancy of five students. Juvenile petition request has been submitted for truancy on them.

Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex regarding a disorderly 36-year-old male. The male was lodged on charges of Disorderly Conduct at the Osceola County Jail without incident.


Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding a suicide attempt by overdose. The individual was conscious and able to speak. Officer stayed there until the arrival of the EMS.

While on patrol, officers observed a vehicle in the driveway with the interior lights on and driver door standing open. Officers spoke with the owner, who stated nothing was missing, and believed he may have left is door open by mistake.


Officers were dispatched to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital regarding the location of an adult foster care patient. The 31-year-old male had been transported there by ambulance earlier and once treated and discharged he had walked away. Officers located and transported the man back to his home at the adult foster care home.

Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding an out of control juvenile. Upon their arrival, the officer found the juvenile sitting in a hallway crying. Mother said had been no physical assaults. Officers were able to speak with, and counseled the juvenile at that time.