Local police reports

Reed City


Officers were dispatched to U.S. 10 to take a report of a car/deer accident. No injuries were reported.

Officer were dispatched to a civil matter over mail. The individual was advised of the proper method to address her situation.

Officers were dispatched to local business regarding a suspicious situation. Officers located the 36-year-old female in another store. It was agreed by the store owner she was acting odd. Officers questioned the woman and found no criminal acts. Case closed.


Officers were dispatched to the elementary school at night. The caller reported seeing a juvenile standing in the door entrance, who appeared to be crying. Officers located a teenager there, who was not upset and was using the schools WiFi. Case closed.


Officers were dispatched to local business regarding a family dispute causing a disturbance. The individuals were given a warning for disturbing the peace.

Officers were dispatched to assist the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department with an alarm activation. Officers found the local business to be secure from the outside and searched the perimeter of the building finding no recent tracks in the snow. The key-holder was contacted. Case closed.


Officers assisted the Wyoming Police Department with the investigation of a runaway 17-year-old female. The residence was checked twice on two separate dates. The female was not located either time.


Officers received a notice to be on the lookout for a suicidal male who was traveling in the area. The individual was located and transported to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital for observation.

Officers took a report of vehicle damage. It was not know how or when the damage happened.

Officers were requested to perform a walk through at a local business and perform an evaluation of the buildings security.

Officers observed a 58-year-old male driving with a 2-year-old child in his lap. He was issued citations for an expired registration along with the child restraint violation.

Officers received a call regarding property damage done by an estranged spouse. A report was taken and the caller was advised that it was a civil matter and suggested she take pictures and document any damage for the divorce proceedings in court.

Officers went to the residence of a 54-year-old male who had a warrant on a traffic violation. The individual posted bond and was released.


Officers were dispatched to local bar to take a stolen vehicle report. The vehicle was located out of town and returned to the owner. A 46-year-old female was arrested on charges of unlawful driving of an automobile and operating while intoxicated. She was then transported to the Osceola County Jail without incident.

Officers performed a traffic stop for no headlight. An investigation showed the driver was operating with a suspended license. The officer issued the 20-year-old female driver an appearance citation for driving while license was suspended and for an expired registration. The vehicle was turned over to the passenger who was a valid driver.


Officers were dispatched to local business regarding an alarm activation. Officers performed a perimeter check and found noting out of place. It is believed the alarm had been activated by the valentine balloons floating around. Case closed.

While on foot patrol, officers found an unlocked door of a local business. Officers found nothing out of order and contacted the key holder, who came in to lock up.

Officers served vehicle abatement paper work at a local residence.

Officers were called to perform a welfare check on a 69-year-old woman, whose phone was sending a busy signal. The officers found the woman at home, who stated she was unaware the phone was off the hook. Case closed.



Verbal domestic — An officer was dispatched to a verbal domestic dispute. The subject left prior to officer’s arrival and the officer was informed that no assault had occurred.


Malicious destruction of property — An officer was dispatched to investigate a malicious destruction of property complaint. The case remains open at this time.

Harassment — An officer was dispatched to a harassment complaint. The case has been investigated and turned over to the prosecuting attorney.


Missing person — An officer was dispatched to take a missing persons complaint. The subject was later located.


Assist — An officer assisted with a medical emergency.


Malicious destruction of property — An officer was dispatched to a malicious destruction of property of a vehicle. The case remains open at this time.

Harassment — An officer took a stalking complaint that is still open at this time.