Local police reports



An officer responded to two larceny from auto vehicle complaints. Both cases are still open.

Officers were dispatched to a threats complaint. The case is still open pending additional investigation.

Officers were dispatched to a trespassing complaint at a local business. The subject was gone upon arrival. The case is still open pending contact with the suspect.


Officers were dispatched to assist on a medical complaint.

Reed City


Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex regarding a domestic violence situation. Both the 35-year-old female and the 24-year-old male were arrested on domestic assault charges. Child protective services were called in for the welfare of the children living in the home. The 24-year-old male was transported to the Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital emergency room for treatment of his injuries. Both were transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail.

Officers received a call regarding an alarm activation at a local manufacturing company. The manager stated she thought the alarm was activated by mistake, but was unable to disengage it. She requested the officers drive by to be sure all was secure. Officers found nothing unusual. Case closed.

A neighboring police department requested officers be on the look out for a vehicle that may be in the area, possibly broken down, with some missing juveniles. Officers searched the area and found nothing.


Officers were dispatched to a two-car accident. A citation was issued to the 35-year-old male driver of one vehicles for disobeying a red light. The other driver, a 32-year-old female, had her son checked at the hospital for injuries. None were reported. She was issued an appearance citation for no insurance. Both vehicles were towed.

Officers were dispatched to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital regarding a suspicious situation. A 40-year-old female had been driven to the hospital to be admitted, had jumped out of the vehicle and was running around the parking lot in the snow storm. Upon an officer's arrival the female had been located by security and waiting calmly in the waiting room. Case closed.

Officers were dispatched to respond to a vehicle in the ditch. Upon arrival the vehicle had been pulled from the ditch and was no longer in the area. Case closed.

Officers were requested to respond to an alarm activation for the Osceola County Sheriff's Department. Officers spoke with the home owner who stated all was fine and she had notified the alarm company.

Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding an open door. Officers found the front door cracked open with the latch in need of repair. Officer searched the premises, finding no signs of forced entry, larceny, or trespassing. Officers made minor repairs to the lock and contacted the homeowner who requested they secure the property until they could arrive from out of town. Case closed.


Officer located an abandoned vehicle and called to have it towed.

Officers were requested by Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital emergency room to transport a mental health patient to Mid-Michigan Medical Center in Midland.

Officers located and arrested a 19-year-old male who held a criminal bench warrant for a probation violation out of the 77th District Court in Reed City. He was then transported to the Osceola County Jail where he was lodged without incident.


Officers were dispatched to a two-vehicle car accident. No injuries reported.

Officers received a complaint from a 69-year-old female. She stated the week before she believed she heard someone trying to open her front door. She added that she attempted to call numerous non-emergency numbers for various departments and no one returned her call. She was advised to call 911 if she needs assistance in the future. Report filed.

Officers were requested to assist the Osceola Count Sheriff’s Department and maintaining scene security, while deputies searched the vehicle.

While performing a traffic stop for speeding, officers found the 39-year-old driver to be driving under the influence of liquor. He was placed under arrest at the scene after the results of the field sobriety tests and the preliminary breath tests were obtained. He was then transported to the Osceola County Jail where he was lodged without incident


Officers assisted the Michigan State Police with a suspicious situation regarding a 66-year-old man flagging them down. The man stated he didn’t realize it was the police he was flagging down. He added it was very cold out and requested a ride to a local apartment complex where a friend was expecting him. Officers confirmed that he was expected at the address given and dropped him off without incident.

Officers responded to an alleged false Child Protective Services report. Officers advised contacting the CPS department and reporting the alleged false report.


Officers receive a “Be On the Look Out” notice for a vehicle driving all over the road. Officers located a vehicle fitting the description and questioned the driver. The 19-year-old driver stated he didn't think he was all over the road, but the vehicle does need a front-end alignment.


Officers assisted the Michigan State Police Department with locating a juvenile runaway. The 16-year-old was located and left with the officers without incident.