Local police reports



Suspicious Person — Officers responded to a complaint of a suspicious person. The subject was found not to be in violation of any laws. Officers assisted the subject to his home.

Civil Complaint — Officers responded to a civil dispute regarding a property line issue.


Parole Violation — Officers responded to a parole violation. The suspect was transported to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department where he was lodged on charges.

Assist — Officers assisted the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department with a disorderly person complaint. The subject was transported to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital for evaluation.


Misdemeanor Citation — During a traffic stop, officers discovered a driver to be operating a vehicle with an expired plate and no insurance. The vehicle was impounded and the driver was issued an appearance citation.

Reed City


Officers issued an abatement notice to a resident regarding City Ordinance Code No. 668.03 which prohibits the storing, parking or leaving dismantled motor vehicles on property unless stored in an enclosed building.

Officers were dispatched to a possible case of criminal sexual conduct. The matter was unfounded.

Officers issued two abatement notices at separate residences regarding trash and discarded building materials on the property, a violation of City Ordinance Code No. 1060.02.

Officers were dispatched to a local residence regarding a possible fight. It was determined to be a disagreement between juvenile family members. No assault was reported.


Officers found a 66-year-old male loitering inside a local business. He was asked to move on and complied without incident.

Officers were called with a complaint regarding the furnishing of a controlled substance to minors. The manner is under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to assist the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department with a disorderly passenger in a motor vehicle.

Officers transported a homeless male to a shelter after finding him sleeping in the local laundromat.

Officers checked on and assisted a motorist with a broken down vehicle.


Officers were dispatched to assist with a disorderly juvenile.

Officers received a call regarding a private sale. The caller was upset because the device she purchased did not work. The responding officer explained it was a civil matter and there was nothing they could do.

Officers were called to assist with a juvenile that had left the school during a rain storm. The student was located and returned to the school.


Officers were dispatched to the Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital Emergency Room regarding an assault on a 22-year-old male. The matter is under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to a matter of sexual contact between two juveniles. The matter is under review.

Officer were dispatched to a juvenile who had run away from caretakers. The juvenile was located and placed back with the caretakers.


Officers were request to perform a standby while a 35-year-old male, in the process of a divorce, collected his belongings from his home.

While performing a traffic stop, officers found the 30-year-old male driver to probation violation felony warrant out of another jurisdiction. He was placed under arrest, transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.

Officers observed trash piling up long the side of a house. Trash abatement paperwork was served to the resident. Officers will perform a follow-up check at a later date.


Officers received a found wallet. Contact was made with the owner listed inside.

Officers were requested to standby while a family member removed items from a house after being evicted.


While on foot patrol, officers found the rear door of a local business unlocked. Search of the building did not show anything out of place or missing. Officers locked and secured the door.

Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex regarding a male subject trying to gain entry into the female 911 caller’s apartment. The 49-year-old male was found to be intoxicated.

He was placed under arrest for disturbing the peace and transported to the Osceola County Jail without incident.

Officers were requested to perform a welfare check on a 17-year-old female. Officers located the 17-year-old female who was of sound mind and body. Case closed.

Officers arrested a 37-year-old female on a misdemeanor warrant. She was transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.