Local police reports



An officer was dispatched to investigate a hit-and-run property damage accident. The incident remains open at this time pending follow up investigation.

An officer was dispatched to investigate a criminal sexual conduct incident. The incident remains open at this time pending follow up investigation.


An officer was dispatched to a trespassing complaint. The officer assisted the property owner with removing the unwanted person from their property.


An officer was dispatched to a domestic assault complaint. The officer conducted his investigation, and the report has been turn over to the Osceola County Prosecuting Attorney.


An officer was dispatched to a larceny from an automobile complaint. The suspects were gone on the officer’s arrival, but were located shortly after. The report has been turned over to the Osceola County Prosecuting Attorney.

Reed City

REMINDER: Placing trash in business and apartment dumpsters without permission is illegal. You may be arrested and prosecuted.


Officers were dispatched to a local business regarding a male subject loitering for the purpose of the WiFi connection. The 52-year-old male was found to have three outstanding warrants from a neighboring jurisdiction. He was then placed under arrest, transported and lodged in the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Department without incident.

Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex to respond to a panic alarm button. Officers found the button had been activated by mistake. Case closed.

Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex regarding a missing vehicle. Officers found the vehicle had been legally towed and notified the owners on where to find it.

Officers observed a sofa on the side of the curb prior to big item pickup day. This is a trash ordinance violation. The appropriate paper work was served and the owner was advised of the trash pickup schedule with the large pickup day being the first Thursday of every month.


Officers were called to local residence regarding a family matter. The Department of Human Services was notified and the matter remains under investigation.

Dispatch sent officers to a local residence regarding a suspicious situation from a 911 hang-up call. It was determined to be a misunderstanding. Family was counseled on inappropriate, but not criminal behavior. Case closed.


Officers were notified of a possible family abuse and neglect situation. Child Protective Services were notified and a joint investigation will be conducted.

Officers were dispatched to local residences regarding a trespassing complaint. The home owner had a complaint of a snowmobiler driving on his property. Snowmobilers are reminded they may only use the extreme right portion of the roadway for travel.

Officers issued an appearance citation to an individual for the improper transportation of medical marijuana.

Officers were dispatched regarding a disorderly subject in the hallway of an apartment complex. Officers spoke with an individual who appeared to be confused and easily agitated. The individual agreed to be transported to the hospital for a health evaluation.


Officers received a call regarding a neighbor pumping water out of his basement into the caller’s yard and drive making it icy. Officers found the residence vacant, the basement door standing open and a water pipe broken at the meter. Officers shut it off and notified the Department of Public Works.

While performing property checks, an officer found an open vehicle trunk in an apartment complex parking lot. The officer made contact with the owner, who found nothing missing or out of the ordinary. Case closed.

While on patrol, an officer came upon an open door to a business after closing hours. Contact with the key holder was attempted but unsuccessful. A message was left of the suspicious situation and the officers secured the scene and left.


Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex regarding a noise complaint. Officers issued verbal warnings to both parties involved.

Officers assisted on a two-vehicle property damage accident. The snowmobile enforcement officer issued warnings for local individuals operating a snowmobile without a helmet and instructed them to return home and obtain a helmet.


Officers were requested to assist the EMS on a medical call, allowing the Reed City PD to leave the scene and respond to another call.

Officers responded to one snowmobile property damage accident. No injuries were reported and only minor damage.