Local police reports

Reed City


Officers were dispatched to perform an area check regarding two males dressed in dark clothing walking in the roadway and remaining in the path of traffic. Officers were unable to located anyone.

Officers responded to a two-vehicle private property accident. There was minor damage and no injuries.

Officers responded to a two-vehicle accident. No injuries were reported.


While performing a traffic stop, officers found the 28-year-old male driver to be driving while his license was suspended. An appearance citation was issued.

Officers received to perform a well-being check on a possible suicidal individual. Upon arrival, it was found to be a misunderstanding and the individual had only requested an ambulance for sickness.

Officers were dispatched to local business regarding possible public urination. The investigation showed the matter unfounded.

Officers were called regarding property damage and larceny. The matter is under investigation.


Officers received information regarding an abandoned vehicle in violation of City Ordinance 668.03. The matter is under investigation.


Officers observed an open door of a local business after closing time. The building was searched and found to be secure with nothing appearing out of place. The owner was located and secured the building.

Officers received information regarding minors in possession of tobacco. The matter has been turned over to the Prosecutor's Office.

Officers were called to assist a local resident with Alzheimer’s who was upset and angry he could not have the car keys.


Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding an altercation between a female and her 32-year-old boyfriend, who had left the scene. Officers then located the boyfriend and placed him under arrest for non-aggravated assault/domestic violence. He was transported and lodged at Osceola County Jail without incident.


Officers received a wallet that was found in a dumpster. It was returned to the owner, who had not reported it missing.

Officers observed a suspicious vehicle in a business parking lot that is closed for the season. Contact was made with the occupants who were found to just be talking.

Officers were called to local business regarding retail fraud. The matter is under investigation.

Officers were called to respond to assist the Osceola County Sheriff's Department and investigate an accident involving a vehicle that was driven into a ditch after the driver hit a slippery spot and spun out of control. No injuries or damage was reported.


Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex regarding a civil matter between a couple who had just broken up. The land lord was contacted and the matter resolved.

Officers were dispatched to a possible missing person. After further investigation the individual was found to be with a family member.



Property Damage Accident — An officer responded to a property damage accident. No injuries were reported.


Property Damage Accident — An officer responded to a property damage accident. No injuries were reported.

Failure to Pay — An officer responded to a local business in regards to a customer who had failed to pay for their gasoline. The case remains open at this time.


Threats — An officer handled a threats complaint.


Disorderly — An officer was dispatched to disorderly persons complaint.


Found Property — An officer picked up some property from one of the schools. The property will remain at Evart Police Department pending ownership verification.


Larceny — The Evart Police Department handled three larceny complaints, all of which remain open at this time.

Civil Complaint — An officer handled a civil dispute between parties.


Assist — An officer assisted the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department on a personal injury accident.


Harassment – An officer handled a harassment complaint.