Local police reports

Reed City


Officers were requested assist the probation/parole department by transporting a 30-year-old female to the Osceola County Jail for violating her parole.

While on patrol, officers performed a traffic stop on a vehicle with tint on the front window. Further investigation found the 39-year-old driver did not have any auto insurance. An appearance was issued and the vehicle impounded as it was not legal to be on the road.

Officers received a complaint regarding parking spaces for a local business. The officer advised the business owner of her options and what law enforcement can do to assist her in the future.


Officers found an open door of a local business. The key holder was notified while the officer secured the building.

Officers were called to local car wash regarding a suspicious situation. Officers spoke with the 48-year-old man who stated he was just passing though town and laid down in the car wash to get out of the rain. Officers advised to take a break from the rain and then move on.

Officers were dispatched regarding suspicious activity where a city resident observed a man pull into his driveway, park his vehicle and then walked away. Officers were able to locate the 32-year-old male, who told them he had run out of gas. Further investigation found he was driving on a suspended license along with an expired plate. Citations were issued and the vehicle was impounded.


Officers were dispatched to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital Emergency regarding a mental health transport. The individual cooperated and was transported for treatment.


Officers were requested to assist the Big Rapids Police Department regarding stolen goods. Officers went to the address reported to possibly have the stolen items. The 27-year-old female cooperated with supplying model and serial numbers and they were not a match to the stolen goods. The information was passed on to the Big Rapids Police Department.

Officers responded to a complaint regarding threats. The matter occurred in a different county and the individual was advised to contact the proper jurisdiction for a report.

Officers responded to a call regarding a large pine tree lying partially on the road in front of the Old Rugged Cross Museum. Officers removed the tree and large branches and notified the Osceola County Road Commission.

Officers were dispatched to assist the Osceola County Sheriff's Department with scene security while Osceola County conducted their investigation.


Officers received a complaint regarding child custody and entering a home without permission. The matter has been turned over to the Prosecutor for review.

Officers received a complaint of assault and battery. The matter is under investigation.

Officers received a complaint regarding internet intimidation, harassment and threats. The matter will be turned over to the Prosecutor for review.

Officers were dispatched to assist the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department in locating an injured deer along U.S. 10.

While performing a traffic stop, officers found the 27-year-old male driver to be carrying a firearm improperly in a vehicle. The officers advised the driver of the proper way to carry a firearm in a vehicle and issued an appearance ticket for "Firearm Improperly Carried in a Vehicle."

While on patrol late at night, officers heard barking dogs. Officers spoke with the dog’s owner and advised the keep the dogs separated and quiet.


While on patrol at the Westerburg Park, officers found numerous empty beer cans, athletic drink bottles along with tobacco butts and other trash left in and around the ball field. Officers cleaned up the mess and will be forwarding the matter to the prosecutor for review.

Officers performed a traffic stop on a pickup truck with a headlight out. The 38-year-old female driver did not have any registration or insurance on the vehicle and was using a plate from another vehicle. The officer issued an appearance ticket for no insurance and improper use of a registration plate. The vehicle was impounded without incident.


While on patrol, officers found the door of a local bar to have a shirt stuffed in, preventing it from being locked. Officers had the key holder come and look things over. All appeared to be fine, building was secured. Case closed.

Officers received a call regarding a dog at large. Officers spoke with the dog owner and the matter was unfounded at this time.



Open Door – An officer was dispatched to local business for an open door. A key holder was contacted and the building was secured.

Property Damage Accident – An officer was dispatched to a two-vehicle accident with no injuries.


Harassment – An officer was dispatched to a threats complaint.


Found Wallet – An officer handled a found property complaint. The owner was contacted and the property was returned to owner.

Civil Complaint – An officer was dispatched to a civil complaint. The officer conducted a standby until the situation was resolved.

Retail Fraud – An officer was dispatched to a local business reference a retail fraud complaint.


Larceny – An officer was dispatched to a larceny complaint, the case remains open at this time.


Missing Juvenile – An officer handled a missing person complaint. The individual was located with assistance from an outside agency and was found to be secure.