Local police reports

Reed City

ALERT: In reference to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone call scams — the scammers are calling and stating that you are under investigation and being audited. Do not respond; hand up. The IRS will never contact you by phone.


Officers were called to a local apartment complex on a domestic dispute. The matter has been turned over to the prosecutor for review.

While performing a traffic stop, officers found the 58-year-old male driver to be driving with a restricted driver’s license, an expired license plate and no proof of insurance. The officer issued an appearance citation and the vehicle was impounded.

Officers received a call from Meceola Central Dispatch regarding an inmate at Newaygo County Jail. The 54-year-old male had a bench warrant out from this department. The officer picked him up and transported him to the Osceola County Jail without incident.


While on patrol, officers came upon two males trying to gain entrance into a parked vehicle through the passenger window with a coat hanger. After some questioning, the officer found one male was the owner of the vehicle and had lost his keys and the other male was helping him get in the car to retrieve his work tools.

While on patrol officers removed a set of bed springs from the road. It is believed they had fallen out of a truck.

Officers observed a violation of the city ordinance trash code and served the appropriate abatement paperwork.

Officer responded to a call regarding a possible location on a missing tricycle. Upon his investigation it was found to not be the tricycle that has been missing.


Officers stopped a vehicle for speeding and upon investigation, the 21-year-old female driver was arrested for OWI, possession of marijuana and transporting open alcohol in a vehicle. The 21-year-old male passenger was also arrested for having open alcohol in a motor vehicle. Both were transported to the Osceola County Jail without incident.

Officers received a complaint of harassment via text messages. The matter is under investigation.

Officers were called to perform a well-being check on a juvenile after his father returned a phone call to an unknown number and spoke to an unknown male who asked questions about the juvenile. It was determined the juvenile had used a friend’s phone to call his father and was in no danger.

Officers were dispatched to assist the Osceola County Sheriff's Department in the Evart area on a possible breaking and entering.


Officers were dispatched to a local business in reference to the possible breaking and entering of a coin device. It was determined the lock was faulty and no criminal activity had taken place.

Officers made contact with the landlord of a local property in reference to an ordinance violation regarding trash. The landlord was advised to clean up the property.

Officers were dispatched to assist the Osceola County Sheriff's Department at Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital with an intoxicated and disrupting patient.

While on patrol, officers came upon a stalled vehicle in the road. Officer assisted the 40-year-old male driver with removing it from the road.


Officers were called to assist with a neighbor dispute. All complied without incident.

An officer issued verbal warnings to two male teenagers under the age of 15, who were out past their curfew time of 11 p.m.


Officers performed a property check after finding the lights on inside the building and an unlatched door. After finding everything appeared to be undisturbed and no one inside, officers secured the building without incident.

Officers gave a verbal warning to a 21-year-old male tenant regarding city ordinance property violations. The tenant stated he would let his landlord know.

Officers were dispatched to a local trailer park at the request of an anonymous caller stating there were two to three people arguing about what they thought was alcohol out in the parking lot. When officers arrived, no one was outside and found no signs of trouble.