Local police reports

Reed City


Officers issued an appearance citation to a 54-year-old female for driving without a valid license plate and a suspended driver’s license.

Officers were requested to arrest a 56-year-old male on a parole violation. The individual was located, arrested and lodged at the Osceola County Jail without incident.

Officers were requested to assist with a civil matter regarding a family member withholding a check belonging to an 18-year-old male. Officers were able to get it resolved over the phone.


Officers were advised of damage on the Linear Park along the river path. Officers walked the trail to observe the damages, which included several sections of lattice appeared to have been kicked in and a bench in the river. Officers notified the Department of Public Works, who then reported that one of their sheds in the park had been knocked over and tools strewn about.

Officers were dispatched to a local residence in reference to a large pile of trash being stored in a garage. The trash was found to be no more than a normal amount for weekly pickup.

Officers were dispatched to a local apartment complex regarding verbal threats being made towards an employee and the company by 59-year-old previous tenant. No charges were made at this time at the request of corporate headquarters.

Officers were called to a property damage accident involving a bicycle and a pickup truck. The 49-year-old male bicycle rider failed to stop in time and hit the back end of the truck. No injuries were reported.

Officers were called to a local residence regarding an ongoing property damage issue. The 45-year-old male owner stated that he believes that someone has been intentionally driving onto his yard turfing up his lawn.

Officers observed a 26-year-old male at a local bar, which is a violation of his parole.

The individual complied with a preliminary breath test which registered .000. Officers advised he make an appointment with parole officer the next day.

Officers responded to a loud noise complaint involving power tools at 11:30 p.m. Officers spoke with the individual operating the tools and the matter was resolved without incident.


Officers responded to the alarm at local a bank before 8 a.m. Once on the scene it was found to be an employee unable to shut the alarm off.

Officers received a call from a local dentist office regarding the disorderly conduct and harassment from a patient who was upset over his bill. The 53-year-old male went to the RCPD and spoke with the officer there over the matter and stated he would stop contact with the office.

Officers observed a 25-year-old male walking around town he was known to have a felony warrant out of Mecosta County. The individual was placed under arrest, transported to Meceola Central Dispatch and handed over to a Mecosta County Sheriff's Department deputy without incident.

Officers observed a suspicious vehicle leaving the Secretary of State after hours. The male was found to be cleaning the building.


Officers located a 20-year-old male who had a warrant out for his arrest for providing alcohol to a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The arrest was made with incident.

Officers were called to local apartment complex regarding a domestic matter. Officers advised the 23-year-old female to seek assistance from the WISE organization and how to get a Personal Protection Order.

Officers responded to a two-car accident. No injuries were reported.

Officers were called to local residence after a neighbor observed a 53-year-old male chasing and yelling after a 13 year male teen. Officers questioned the male who stated all was fine, they were just playing around.

Officers were requested to perform a parole check on a 32-year-old male. Officers responded and performed a preliminary breath test with a .000 result.

While on patrol officers found an open window at the elementary school. Contact was made for the appropriate people to go in and close it.

Officers responded to a verbal domestic matter regarding child custody issues. Both parents agreed to a preliminary breath test. The 43-year-old mother was found to be intoxicated while the 38-year-old father had no alcohol in his system. Officers advised the father take the children somewhere else for the night.

Officers were dispatched to perform a well-being check on a 33-year-old female.


Officers were dispatched to a local residence for further activity to a civil complaint taken the night before over child custody. The male reported his wife had “trashed” the house while he was gone and may be experiencing some mental difficulties. Officers were able to determine the female was seeking medical treatment.

Officers responded to an ongoing next door neighbor dispute over one neighbor yelling at the other from her window. Officers warned both neighbors about their behavior and counseled them on getting along or avoiding contact.

Officers were dispatched to a local bar regarding a 53-year-old female passed out inside her vehicle and a 59-year-old male standing outside of the vehicle that appeared to be high intoxicated. Officers spoke with both individuals and advised them not to drive themselves home while intoxicated.


Officers were requested to locate the driver of a vehicle that drove too close to a 13-year-old riding his bike. Officers were able to locate the 46-year-old male driver, who said he had not realized he was that close to the boy on the bike. A verbal warning was issued.


Officers were dispatched to a medical assist of an infant having seizures. When the officers arrived the infant was no longer seizing. EMS arrived and took over the scene.