Local police reports

Reed City

Lost Keys: On July 22 three sets of keys were found and brought into the police station. If you lost your keys, please call the Reed City Police Station at (231) 832-3255.


Officers were dispatched to take a complaint of threats via text messages. The messages were coming in from an individual that lives several states away.

Officers were requested to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital's Rehab and Nursing Center to take a report for a patient who claimed money was missing from her checking account over the weekend. The 79-year-old female claimed the money had been returned to the account.

Officers were dispatched to a residence to take a complaint regarding an ongoing issue with the neighborhood children trespassing, destroying and or taking items out of her yard. Officers spoke with the guardians of the children explaining that it was his responsibility to control the children and that the above harassment will stop or the children will be petitioned into probate court.

Officers responded to a local residence for a vehicle taken without permission. The caller and individual were in a dating relationship. Officers advised the caller on the best course of action.


Officers responded to activated alarms at a local bank. It was found to have been accidentally activated by construction workers both times.

Officers were dispatched to an erratic driver northbound on Chestnut Street from Mecosta County. The vehicle was located and contact was made with the driver. She did not admit to erratic driving, but stated she was late for work. A citation was issued for having an expired registration plate.

Officers were requested to perform a probation check. All was done without incident.


Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex to take a complaint regarding an assault between a 7-year-old and an 11-year-old. The matter has been forwarded to probate court.

Officers were again dispatched to a local bank for an ATM alarm. It was determined technicians were working on the alarm system and were testing the alarm.

Officers were dispatched for a dog waste violation in which neighbors were allowing dogs to use adjoining property without cleaning up after the dog. Owners were warned if it continued a citation would be issued.


Officers were dispatched for a found driver’s license. The owner was located and the license was returned.

Officers were dispatched for a duffle bag that was found under the Chestnut Street bridge. The duffle bag and contents are being held at the Reed City PD for pickup by the owner.

Officers were dispatched to a local apartment complex for a possible domestic assault in progress. Upon contact, the two individuals involved denied any assault had taken place.

Officers were dispatched to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital emergency room to assist the Lake County Sheriff's Department with a disorderly patient that had been involved in an altercation in Lake County. Assistance was given without incident.


Officers were dispatched to a local residence in reference to items being taken from a garage sometime within the last four months. The matter is under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to a local residence for a civil standby while a relative removed his belongings from a residence. The individual gathered his belongings and left without incident.

Officers were dispatched to a complaint of a punctured tire. The caller stated she is in the process of getting a divorce and believes her husband’s family stabbed her tire while she was in divorce proceedings. The matter is under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to a local residence in reference to the caller believing the neighbor across the street was photographing her daughter while in the pool. Officers made contact with the neighbor who was determined to be watching a podcast on his phone. The neighbor voluntarily showed officers his phone and no photos of the female in the pool were found.

Officers observed a vehicle weaving within the lane and crossing the fog line and center lines. A stop was made on the vehicle and further investigation led to the arrest of a 61-year-old downstate man for driving while intoxicated. The driver was lodged at the Osceola County Jail without incident.


Officers were dispatched to a local residence for a vehicle taken without permission. The caller’s fiancé had taken the vehicle and was believed to be heading to the Rothbury area. It was reported that the male’s driver’s license was suspended and the vehicle had no insurance. A description of the vehicle and driver were sent to Oceana County as the vehicle owner was unsure at the time if she wished to seek charges on the male.