Civil – Officers responded to a civil complaint. The parties were advised to resolve their differences civilly.

Personal Injury – Officers responded to a personal injury accident on 10th Street near Lauman Road. All three subjects were treated for injuries. The case remains open at this time.


Property Damage Accident – An officer responded to a two-vehicle property damage accident that occurred on 7th Street near Oak Street. No injuries.


Malicious Destruction of Property – An officer responded to a malicious destruction of property complaint at Evart City Hall. A juvenile was identified as the responsible party.


Unlawful Entry – Officers responded to an unlawful entry complaint. Nothing was reported missing, and officers secured the scene.


Malicious Destruction of Property – Officers responded to a malicious destruction of property complaint. The case remains open at this time.

Larceny – Officers responded to a larceny of food items at a residence. No suspects were identified.

Reed City


Officers were requested to assist Adult Protective Services regarding a simple assault on a 65-year-old male. The matter has been turned over to the Osceola County Prosecutor.

Officers were dispatch downtown where an unoccupied vehicle rolled out of its parking space across the road and into another parked vehicle. No one was injured.

Officers were dispatched to assist EMS with a suicide attempt involving prescription medication.


Officers assisted Osceola County Sheriff's Department with a domestic call involving a 37-year-old male who was arrested for a probation violation.


Officers were dispatched to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital to assist with restraining a 39-year-old male patient.

Officers were requested to go to Spectrum Health Reed City Campus and serve Personal-Protection-Orders (PPO) to a patient. The PPO was served without incident.

Officers received a call about a suspicious item falling from the sky into the field behind the hospital grounds. Officers walked the field and found the item to be a plastic bag blown by the wind. Case closed.

Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding a dog fight. A young pitbull had gotten out of its yard through a hole of a fence and attacked a labrador that was on a leash being walked by its owner. The owner of the pitbull was advised of the incident and told to repair the hole in the fence. The matter is closed.

Officers received a complaint of a strong smell of marijuana coming from a residence to the north of the ice cream parlor on Chestnut Street. Officers walked from Bitner to Osceola and did not smell anything suspicious.


Officers responded to a complaint regarding personal trash being dumped into a local business dumpster area.

Officers were called to assist with a verbal argument taking place at a local residence. Upon the officer's arrival, the matter had been resolved. Case closed.

While on patrol Officers observed a residence to be in violation of the city’s tall grass ordinance code No. 674.03. The appropriate abatement paper work was served.

Officers observed a vehicle operating with a cracked windshield and found the driver to be operating with an invalid driver’s license. The 21-year-old female driver was issued a citation and the vehicle was impounded.


Officers received a complaint regarding the destruction of property. The owner at the residence stated that he believes someone had intentionally driven into his yard (where it was muddy) and spun out turfing his lawn. He stated that this is an ongoing problem and is beginning to believe that is intentional instead of an accident as previously believed.

Officers received a complaint from a woman who found pellets from a pellet gun in her water bottle. She stated she had been in her back yard while the neighbor boys were target practicing with pellet guns and noticed water leaking out of her water bottle. Officers spoke with the neighbor boy and his friend, both of whom denied intentionally shooting at anything other than their target and suggested perhaps it was a ricochet. Officers seized the pellet gun.

Officers assisted in a civil matter in which a resident with a PPO against him needed to retrieve his insulin and some of his belongings from his home.

Officers were requested to investigate the condition of a piece of property that has been torn up from a go-kart continuously driving over it. The 53-year-old male owner of the go-kart claims to have permission from the owner for his son to drive on it. Upon investigation it was found to be owned by Osceola County. The go-kart owner stated that they would stop driving on it.

Officers issued a verbal warning to a 14-year-old male violating city curfew ordinance No. 656.04b (minors under 15) out walking after 11 p.m. They also issued one for the 18-year-old male he was with for violating city ordinance No. 656.04d (Complicity).


Officers were dispatched to local apartment complex after someone heard a female yell out to call cops. The female in question was seen leaving in her car and return. Officers tried to make contact with the 30-year-old female in question without success.