A bicycle was dropped off at the Evart Police Department. We reached out to the community via social media to find the owner. The owner recovered his property later that day.


A subject was arrested on three outstanding warrants and lodged at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department.

An officer handled an ongoing harassment complaint which remains open at this time.


An officer handled a noise complaint at a residence. The subjects were advised to handle their differences civilly and they would be cited if the officer had to return.

An officer handled a report of a criminal sexual conduct allegation. The case remains open at this time.

An officer responded to a local business for a fail to pay gasoline complaint.

An officer responded to a larceny complaint. The case remains open at this time.

Officers responded to a noise complaint involving a barking dog. The owner was given a warning and advised a citation would be issued if the problem was not corrected.


An abandoned bicycle was found by the Evart Police Department. Please come to the Evart Police Department if you feel this bike may belong to you.

Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person in the area. It was reported that a male subject was trying to lure a parent away from their children. The male subject took off into a wooded area. Officers searched the immediate and surrounding area and were unable to locate the subject.


Officers were dispatched to conduct a well-being check. The individual was found to be secure.

A purse was turned in to the Police Department. The owner was identified and the property was returned.

Reed City


Officers found a lost cell phone ringing in a pop can return bin at Wesco. The owner was located and the phone returned.

Officers were called to a local business regarding a 30-year-old male who was disruptive and speaking inappropriately to an employee. The Officers located the individual, spoke to him about his behavior and warned that he could be banned from the business and/or charged with disorderly conduct should it continue.


Officers received information regarding an award scam falsely claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House and sending fraudulent checks from Healthcare Partners IPA. The Reed City Police Department advises that if your receive any such phone calls hang up immediately, do not give out any personal or bank information, and do not send any money. The Reed City Police have been in contact with both Publishers Clearing House and Healthcare Partners IPA. Publishers Clearing House has advised that they do not award any large prizes by phone or mail or ask for any money to be sent to them. Healthcare Partners IPA have advised that the checks are fraudulent and not to cash them as the victim would be responsible to repay the money to the bank.


Officers were responded to the probation/parole department to arrest a probation violator from another jurisdiction. The 30-year-old male with two outstanding warrants was arrested and lodge in the Osceola County Jail awaiting pick up from Clare County Sheriff's Department.

Officers were called to local residence to resolve a trespassing issue regarding the neighborhood children playing in the neighbor’s yard including the neighbor’s dog defecating on their property. Officers made contact with the neighbors in question and was told there would no longer be any problems. The matter is closed.

Officers were dispatched to Rambadt Park to assist Osceola County EMS and Reed City Fire and Rescue with a 22-year-old male who was attempting to walk to the Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital for treatment of a back injury and was unable to go any further.

While on patrol, officers located a 39-year-old male with outstanding Friend of the Court warrants from other jurisdiction. The individual was placed under arrest and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.


Officers observed a 20-year-old male crash his unregistered moped into a curb. The male was issued an appearance citation for having no Moped Permit, cited for an unregistered moped and the moped was impounded. No injuries were reported and there was only minor damage to the moped.

Officers were called to local apartment complex regarding suspicious activity taking place in the parking lot during the night. It appears someone was rummaging through her vehicle and stole the gas tank cap. It is recommended all tenants remove any valuables from their vehicles and be sure to lock all doors.

Officers assisted the Osceola County Sheriff's Department with locating a juvenile runaway. The juvenile was located at a residence in the city and turned over to her parents by Osceola County Sheriff deputies.


Officers were dispatched to Osceola County Court House regarding a 42-year-old male in violation of his probation. The individual was arrested and lodged in the Osceola County Jail without incident.

Officers responded to a local residence in reference to the rebuilding and modification of the house’s roof. Because structural materials were being replaced and modifications were being made, a building and zoning permits were required. A warning was issued and the individuals were allowed to comply in lieu of a citation or charges.

Officers received a complaint regarding the legal rights of the occupants residing in a local residence. Because the property in question is part of an estate with several owners, they were advised to seek council from the court.

Officers observed a few local residences to be in violation of city ordinance code No. 674.02 (tall grass). They were unable to locate the owners; therefore the appropriate abatement paper work will be served.


While conducting a speeding violation, officers found the 23-year-old male driver to be operating on a suspended driver’s license. In addition, officers found the driver and one of the three passengers to have several outstanding warrants from outside jurisdictions. The driver was placed under arrest and lodged in the Osceola County Jail. The vehicle was than released to its owner, a 22-year-old female passenger who also had an invalid license. Therefore, the officer left them with instructions that the remaining passenger (the only occupant with a valid driver’s license) was to drive the vehicle.

Officers were called to local business regarding a trespassing complaint. The 30-year-old male in question was located and no trespassing papers were served.

Officers were called to assist with a stray dog that appeared to have been injured. Upon the officer's arrival, the canine ran from them and appeared to be fine.

While on patrol, officers observed a local residence to be in violation of the city trash ordinance. Officers were unable to locate the owner and will try again later before serving any abatement paperwork.


Officers received a complaint regarding a vehicle that had appeared to have had someone going through it during the night. Nothing was reported missing.

Officers received a complaint from a local apartment complex in which someone observed a person looking into the vehicles in the parking lot.


Officers received a civil complaint from a landlord regarding numerous individuals not on the lease living within the rental home. The matter has been closed as the tenant is moving out.

Officers were called to local apartment complex to take a report of suspicious activity. One of the tenants found items inside her unlocked vehicle to have been moved around. Nothing was found to be missing.


Officers were dispatched to a residence regarding missing prescription drugs. The matter is under investigation.


Officers assisted with a stand by for the Michigan State Police. It was reported that numerous individuals were verbally arguing. Assistance was given without incident.

Officers received a complaint regarding a neighbor swearing at children. The incident was denied by neighbor. The matter is under further investigation.

Officers responded to a barking dog complaint. The owner was given a verbal warning and advised to take action up to muzzling the dogs, if necessary, to keep them quiet so as not to violate city ordinance.


Officers stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation. Upon further investigation it was determined the vehicle was unregistered and had no insurance. The 27-year-old female driver was issued an appearance citation and the vehicle was impounded.