Local police reports



An officer assisted the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department with a vehicle search.


An officer was dispatched to a traffic complaint made by a citizen who reported a vehicle struck his car and left the scene. No damage was reported.


An officer assisted an outside agency with a school search. Narcotics were found; the individual was arrested and is currently facing charges for possession.


An officer was dispatched to make contact with an individual who wanted to report an altercation that had occurred earlier in the day. The complainant advised he was having problems with another subject and thought that the situation might escalate.


An officer was dispatched to a residence for a harassment complaint. The case is open pending contact with the suspect.


An officer was dispatched to a civil dispute over property. The officer stood by while the property was exchanged.


An officer was dispatched to assist the Michigan State Police on an accident scene.

An officer was dispatched to a barking dog complaint. The officer made contact with the owner and a verbal warning was given.

An officer was dispatched to a dog at large complaint. The owner of the animal was located and advised a citation will be issued in the future if the problem continues.

Reed City


Officers responded to GT Norman Elementary for an upset parent. The matter was handled without incident.

Officers were dispatched to a burglar alarm at a local business. Upon arrival it was determined a leaky roof had caused ceiling tiles to fall and activate the motion detector.

Officers assisted a citizen on an originally unknown type of medical call. The individual was suffering from severe pain and an ambulance was called.

Officers received a complaint from a local business of unauthorized dumping of trash in a dumpster. The unauthorized individual was given a verbal warning for a misdemeanor offense at the dumpster owner's request.


Officers received a complaint of obscene material being sent via social media at the high school. The matter is under investigation.

Officers assisted a local family in locating a handicap individual. The individual was returned home safely.


Officers had a license plate turned in that had fallen off a vehicle. The owner will be contacted and the plate returned.

Officers conducted a joint investigation in reference to possible child neglect. It was determined to be unfounded and the child had been untruthful about the matter.

Officers received a complaint of damage to a lawn. It was determined the disruption to the lawn had been made directly over buried shutoff valves by the city water department for the purpose of gaining access to thaw frozen water lines.

Officers located an unlocked door at a local business while on foot patrol. The owner was contacted and the building was secured.


Officers were dispatched to a larceny call. After further investigation the complaint was unfounded.

Officers were responded to a landlord-tenant dispute. Both parties were advised on the proper course of action.

Officers stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation. It was determined that the driver was operating without a valid license in her possession. An appearance citation was issued and the matter is closed pending appearance in court.


Officers were received a request to check for two suspicious individuals selling laundry detergent door to door. Officers located the individuals who were found to be selling vacuum cleaners and using the detergent as a free gift in exchange for a citizen giving them the opportunity to demonstrate the product. The subjects were found to be peddling without a permit and ordered to stop until a proper permit was obtained in lieu of misdemeanor charges.

Officers were called to a customer failing to pay for gasoline. The matter is under investigation.

Officers responded to a landlord-tenant dispute. Both parties were advised on a proper course of action.