Local police reports

Evart Police Department


An officer was dispatched to a civil matter. The parties were advised to resolve their differences in small claims court.


An officer assisted a worker from child protective services on a home visit.


An officer was dispatched to a two-vehicle property damage accident on South Main Street. No injuries to either party.

An officer was dispatched to a local business reference a civil matter.


An officer assisted a subject who came in to the office for a permit to purchase a pistol.


An officer assisted a DHS worker, reference a report of elderly abuse and neglect.

An officer conducted an investigation for a larceny of a cell phone. The case is open at this time pending contact with the owner.


An officer was dispatched to a noise complaint. The officer had contact with the tenant was given a verbal warning.

Reed City


Officers responded in reference to a common phone scam where an individual calls and states a family member is injured or in jail and they need the victim to wire money. In this instance the individual knew not to send money and prevented themselves from being a victim.


Officers were requested to perform a well-being check stemming from a child custody matter. The individual was found to be in good health


Officers located and arrested a 28-year-old female on two outstanding misdemeanor warrants. The female was lodged on one of the warrants without further incident. The second warrant was out of pickup range. She was advised of the second warrant.


Officers were responded to the Reed City Area Public Schools bus garage in reference to suspected drug paraphernalia found on a bus. The School Liaison Officer is working with the schools on this matter.

Officers stopped a vehicle for careless driving to find the 26-year-old male driver was operating with a suspended driver's license. The male was lodged at the Osceola County Jail without further incident.

Officers stopped a vehicle for exceeding the posted speed limit. Upon further investigation it was discovered the vehicle had an improper plate, no vehicle insurance and the driver was improperly transporting medical marijuana. The driver stated her vehicle had been in an accident and she had removed that registration plate and placed it on the vehicle she was driving at the time of the stop. The 24-year-old female driver was lodged at the Osceola County Jail without further incident.


Officers observed a vehicle at a local business after hours. Contact was made with the driver of the vehicle and it was discovered that he had the owners permission to be there.

Officers stopped a vehicle for speeding. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the vehicle had in improper plate and no valid vehicle insurance. It was discovered that the vehicle had been put up as collateral for a bail bondsmen and was recently redeemed. The vehicle had no valid plate and the driver had taken one of her license plates and put it on the vehicle. The 53-year-old female from the Clio area was lodged at the Osceola County Jail without further incident.

Officers were requested to assist the Osceola County Sheriff's Department with a disorderly individual having mental health problems. Upon arrival the individual had calmed down.