New Senior Center in Hersey plans open house for spring

$4,000 donation will fund new library room

OSCEOLA COUNTY — Although the new Osceola County Senior Center in the former Hersey Elementary School building has been open to seniors for several weeks, the official open house will not take place until the spring.

Commission on Aging director Justin Halladay told the board of commissioners during a recent meeting that he was holding off on the open house until things are more in order inside the center and the new library room is completed.

“We are waiting for the weather to break in the spring, and hopefully we will have the library ready,’ Halladay said. “We want to get some of the wrinkles ironed out so it looks more like we are not just moving in.”

He said they received a large donation of books from a local couple, and when they inquired what the center planned to do with them, he told them he would like to create a library out of one of the rooms at the center.

“We received a huge donation, $4,000, from them and they told us they wanted the money to go to the library,” Halladay said.

They said they wanted us to use the donation to build the library and name it after a loved one that passed away this year, he said. They plan to use the donation to purchase six solid wood bookcases and five new tables.

“The room we are putting it in has a hodgepodge of different tables from our other locations,” he said. “She wanted it to look nicer, so we are buying tables to put in there. They can be utilized for reading books, playing games or other activities. The new tables will make the room more uniform and user friendly.

“It will be an activity room, and it will be dedicated to the memory of the loved one of the individuals that donated the funds,” he added.

Halladay said he will bring more information regarding the open house back to the board as plans become more certain.

The Osceola County Senior Center is at 200 E. Third St., Hersey. For information on services and activities call 231-734-5559.