BREAKING: Evart High School goes on lockdown over weapons threat

EVART — Evart High School staff were made aware of a threat involving a weapon in the building on Thursday, March 16 to which law enforcement responded.

Per a message to the Evart community from high school Principal Jessica Kolenda on March 16, the staff was made known of the alleged threat at 10:30 a.m. and, subsequently, the school was placed in lockdown mode per the district’s policy.

the subject alleged to have the weapon was immediately isolated from the rest of the students, according to Kolenda’s statement.

Using security cameras, officers were able to track the student's movements and conduct systematic searches of the building to ensure that the building was safe.

The school resource officer along with officers from the Evart Police Department, Osceola County Sheriff's Office and Michigan State Police responded.

In her statement, Kolenda said the administration takes every threat seriously.

“Evart High School is extremely grateful for all of the cooperation and quick responses of everyone who assisted today,” Kolenda wrote. “We take threats very seriously and have several procedures in place that we always follow with fidelity. We want to assure everyone that our first priority in an emergency situation is to ensure that our students are safe and secure. We have, and will continue, to make "in the moment" decisions that prioritize safety. We will continue to do our best to communicate appropriately and as quickly as possible.”

Once the search was complete, the building was placed into secure mode while the investigation continued. The building resumed normal activities once law enforcement concluded its on-campus investigation.

Kolenda thanked the Evart police department, Michigan State Police, Osceola County Emergency Medical Services and Meceola Central Dispatch for their assistance in addressing the situation.

The name of the alleged armed student has not been released by the school or law enforcement.

“The best way for parents/guardians and community members to stay informed is to join our REMIND,” Kolenda wrote. “If you need directions on how to do so please look on our website, our Facebook page, or our handbook.”