Watch: Holiday fails, Santa snafus, costumed cats and more

Here’s a quick look at a number of holiday fails.

Here’s a quick look at a number of holiday fails.

mphillips007/Getty Images/iStockphoto

The holiday season is in full swing as people deck the halls and dole out the egg nog. Amid the general merriment and Elf on the Shelf mischievousness, the season also serves as a launchpad for a number of festive failures; after all, even the best-laid plans oft encounter a holiday hitch.

From a repelling mall Santa stuck in a precarious situation and the perils of holiday decorating to a lackluster tree lighting ceremony, here’s a quick look at a number of festive fails.

Best Christmas fails and holiday snafus

Santa stuck on a rope at the mall

A spectator's view of the aforementioned repelling mall Santa

The children asked for Santa and Santa was delivered

Tree lighting fail

Sea Santa falls ashore

Another look at amphibious Santa's slippery situation

A montage of various Santas falling down in a host of environments

The dangers of holiday decorating

A video filled with cats and the mysterious bedazzled trees of Christmas

Person tows a very large Xmas tree on the highway