Toys for Tots raises money at Reed City yard sale

Coordinator: 'There will be no children without Christmas this year'

REED CITY — The streets of Reed City were full of people's handed down clothes, odds and ends, knick knacks, souvenirs, and handmade goods on Friday, for the second day of the city's community wide yard sale.

Toys for Tots for Osceola and Lake County, aka Osceola La, was at the yard sale selling mostly handmade goods to raise money for Christmas toys.

Coordinator Melody Newell said, "I do it for the children. There are a lot of kids out there that don't get Christmas."

"There will be no children without Christmas this year," Newell said. "At least I'm hoping."

Newell said the citywide yard sale is "an awesome idea," because it brings everybody out. Newell appreciates the community of local crafters who spent time making handmade gloves, hats, blankets and toys for the children as well.

"They're willing to take the time to make them and donate them. You know, those are not cheap items," Newell said.

"It gives me hope for the world. It's something that my kids see us do. It shows them that there are still people out there looking out for everybody else. It's hope," volunteer Jessie Groters said.

Other yard sales across the city had a variety of items sold, including a taxidermy boar's head that was sold on Thursday, as well as other "big ticket" items like bikes and bookshelves.

"I move houses a lot, I can't seem to stay in one house, so a lot of it comes from that," one vendor said about their goods.

There are over 20 sales at the city, and the event will continue until Sunday, July 17. A map to the sales is available on Facebook on the Reed City Area Chamber of Commerce page.