Today is National American Beer Day

October 27 is National American Beer Day.

October 27 is National American Beer Day.

Engin Akyurt | Unsplash


Now that we have your attention, let's celebrate.

Today, Oct. 27, is National American Beer Day and it celebrates all of those wonderful brews established right here in the good ol' USA. Whether you drink a tall glass of a beer of your choice from Milwaukee, Denver or St. Louis, or take in a local craft beer brewer, this is a day to celebrate a cold one with a cold one.

Beer brewing in America actually predates the European brewers and brewing styles, according to the National Day Calendar, going all the way back to Native Americans. Corn, birch sap and water were all used in the fermentation process. Colonists then combined this process with their own.

The oldest producing brewery in the country is the one with the eagle. Wait though, it may not be the eagle you're thinking of. This one isn't flying through the letter "A."

David G. Yuengling started his brewery, with the branding of an eagle, back in 1829.

Yuengling is still a popular beer to this day, even though it's not available in all states, and the Yuengling family still owns it. Unlike Anheuser-Busch, which is now owned by In-Bev.

And here's a fun fact: In 2009, the U.S. produced 196 million barrels of beer.

National Day Calendar says to celebrate with a beer of choice and when sharing on social media, use #AmericanBeerDay.