Title change approved for Osceola County coordinator position

Ladd appointed as county administrator/comptroller

The Osceola County board of commissioners approved changing the county coordinator position to the county administrator/comptroller position recntly.

The Osceola County board of commissioners approved changing the county coordinator position to the county administrator/comptroller position recntly.

Tyler Thompson

OSCEOLA COUNTY — The Osceola County board of commissioners approved updating the title and job description for the county coordinator and adopted a resolution creating a county administrator/controller position during its meeting last week.

Chairperson Mark Gregory told the board the personnel committee had discussed the county coordinator job description and recommended bringing forward a resolution to create a new position — county administrator/controller.

“The job position of the coordinator mirrors the administrator/controller position,” Gregory said. “The biggest difference is that we expect him to manage and control the budget, but he didn’t have the authority necessarily to do so. The resolution to create the administrator position actually gives him that authority to control the budget. It literally creates the position to be the chief financial officer that is overseeing the budget.

“We are the only county in Michigan that I could find that still calls that position a coordinator,” he added.

According to the job description, the county administrator/controller “under the general direction of the Board of Commissioners, carries out directives and implements policies of the Board related to human resources and employee relations, budget and financial management, purchasing, and other areas as directed. Supervises staff engaged in personnel administration, finance and accounting, data processing and other administrative support to the Board and departments. Supervises appointed department managers and serves as liaison between other agencies and the Board of Commissioners.”

The resolution to create the position and appoint current county coordinator Tim Ladd to the position states that the board of commissioners believes it is in the best interest of the taxpayers of the county to create the position of county controller and that the creation of the position will result in more efficient county operations.

The controller is to serve as the chief accounting officer of the county and ensure that an accounting system is implemented and maintained throughout the county. Further, the controller would centralize certain duties and responsibilities of administration in that office in order to more adequately provide for efficient and responsible county government, it states.


During the meeting the board also approved a creation of the position of full time county building inspector position. 

“We discussed creating it to be a full time county employee as opposed to a contract employee position,” Gregory said. “The personnel committee felt that to better serve the community, if it was a county staff position, there would be more accountability as to how he is serving the public.”

Commissioner Timothy Michell questioned the reasoning behind the recommendation, saying he didn’t remember any discussion about terminating the contract with the current building inspector.

“Is it that the contractor decided he no longer wanted to do the position, is that why we decided to make this a staff position,” he asked.

Gregory said the discussion to make the position a county staff position came about because of recent complaints they have been receiving from the public.

“We have struggled with utilizing contracted employees for this position as the current inspector has alluded to,” he said. “We hire someone, and they work out great in the beginning, and then down the road we start getting complaints. The same happened with the inspector prior to Tony.”

Ladd said the committee felt there is a need to have someone there more than a couple of days a week, so they are not holding up builders waiting on permit approvals, as well as doing more on the enforcement side of things.

“We need to have somebody out there, not only doing inspections, but following up on projects that are going on without permits,” Ladd said. “The purpose of moving forward with a county building inspector employee is not to push the current inspector out, but he is a contracted employee, he is not a department head, which creates some complications in and of itself. We felt a county employee and department head would provide more accountability and oversight.”

During the meeting, the current building inspector contractor submitted his notice of termination of his contract effective Jan. 5, 2023.

The position of county building inspector will be posted as a Grade 11, with the step dependent on experience and qualifications, Gregory said.

To view the job descriptions for county positions, visit osceola-county.org.