See inside: $539,999 rare home with motorized rotating tower in Saginaw

Home has went viral online

Photo of Angela Mulka

Located on 1017 Kennely Road in Saginaw, this $539,999 home is available on the market right now and is impossible to duplicate, according to listing agent, Cris Sears.

The home includes five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a sauna and an incredible motorized rotating tower, similar to the CN Tower which is a concrete communications and observation tower located in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario.

The tower is a way to get a nice view of the property and the birds and other animals that visit the house.

Fixed on a 16 acre lot, with nearly 5,000 square-feet in the main house, 1,700 square-feet in the finished basement and another 1,700 square-feet in the auxiliary building/barn, the property isn't lacking space, according to the Zillow listing.

Additionally, photos of the property went viral on Thursday, Aug. 19, last week. 

"Coincidentally, I had just taken some new photos of the house, and I just happened to see the numbers and wondered what was going on," Sears said. "I didn't think that new photos would have that much of an impact. Throughout the night, I noticed the numbers and saves on Zillow kept jumping at an astronomical pace. Finally, someone told me it was on Instagram on Zillowgonewild."

The house was built in 1978 by a local businessman named Jon Sawyer, who then added on the giant sunroom, giant great room and rotating tower in 1988, according to Sears. Originally, the home only had the one driveway with the covered bridge.

"My clients then purchased the house from Mr. Sawyer in 1999," Sears said. "Around 2002, or so, I believe, the barn got hit by lightening and caught on fire. It was rebuilt and all the stuff in it added. Because the fire trucks and other large types of vehicles could not get through, the secondary driveway was built which is now the only driveway in use. During that time period extensive renovations were done including new roofs for both buildings, new windows, renovations to the kitchen and main floor bathroom and the construction of a gazebo."

The "tail" you see on the house is just a chimney for the fireplace in the great room which has been converted to gas.

This one-of-a-kind home is zoned as a single-family residence. And, it sits on Swan Valley Golf Course with views of two large ponds.