Reed City High School hosts 139th commencement ceremony

95 seniors walk the stage to receive their diploma

REED CITY — Reed City High School hosted its 139th annual commencement ceremony this weekend on the football field at the high school, with 95 graduating seniors receiving their diplomas.

Distinguished Alumnus Award winner James. G. George, class of 1963, was the keynote speaker.

James encouraged the graduating seniors to appreciate where they are from, because it can be a blessing and an advantage. , and to think about who they want to become and what they will be about.

"Being from here, you have good roots," he said. "I think you will come to appreciate that."

He added, the graduates are only limited in what they do and what they become by themselves, and hey should find something they love because "when you love what you do it is not work."

Senior scholars Grace Sundquist and Mckenna Miller, spoke of the importance of friendships and support groups, and encourgaged the graduates to not neglect those things.