Reed City BSA Pack 174 completes 2022 Scouting For Food campaign

Donations support Project Starburst Food Pantry

REED CITY — The Reed City BSA Pack 174 recently completed their 2022 Scouting for Food campaign, collecting boxes of canned and dry goods for the Project Starburst Food Pantry.

Food donation boxes were placed at several local businesses during the Scouting for Food campaign, including, Ebels, Ace Hardware, Lake-Osceola State Bank, Huntington Bank, Hometown Pharmacy, West Michigan Credit Union, Edstrom’s Neighborhood Garage, and Toy Town. 

According to information provided by scout leader Russ Nehmer, 1 in 6 Americans struggle with food insecurity. If there are 40 people in your neighborhood, eight of them may not know where their next meal will come from, he said. There are food insecure families in every community – even in seemingly affluent neighborhoods. 

“You helped in a big way through the Reed City Pack 174 Scouting for Food campaign,” Nehmer said. “Your food donations directly impacted our local community through the Project Starburst food pantry. Thank you so much for your support and helping, in kind, to look out for your fellow citizens in need especially during these tough times. Wishing everyone a blessed New Year!”