Randall: hunting and fishing has slowed down

TV host looking forward to turkey hunting

PARIS – It’s the middle of February and TV’s Wilderness Journal host Kyle Randall, of Paris,  has observed not a whole lot of outdoor activity was taking place.

“The fluctuating weather has made the ice a little unstable,” Randall said. “Some people have been out. There have been some panfish and that type of thing. There really isn’t much rabbit hunting going on. It’s almost to the end of one season and not caught up quite to the next.

“With the warmup we’ve had, some folks went out and started finding some pretty nice deer antlers. I’ve received some nice pictures of those. Other than that there’s not too much going on in the outdoors. People are going to Expos and that kind of  thing. But as far as hunting and fishing, not much.”

Applications have been put in for the spring turkey hunt.

“There are a lot around,” Randall said. “I’m sure there are some teenagers driving their mom and dad crazy practicing their turkey calls. But it won’t be long before we can push them outside to try it.