Q&A: 'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo explains her gift ahead of Michigan live show

Caputo scheduled to appear in live show at Dow Event Center Friday, Oct 8

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Pictured is Theresa Caputo.

Pictured is Theresa Caputo.

Photo provided/Theresa Caputo's website

Theresa Caputo says she was four years old when she began seeing and hearing things that others couldn't. Things not part of our physical world, but apparitions or what Caputo refers to as "Spirit" from the other side. 

She did not learn how to communicate with angels, loved ones and guides on the other side until her 20s as she continued to see them growing up in Hicksville, Long Island.

Dubbed "The Long Island Medium" by reality TV channel TLC, Caputo uses her gift to receive and deliver messages from the deceased to grieving loved ones in hopes the living can find peace and hope in their time of loss. 

And she is the first to say that what she does for a living seems unbelievable. 

“I’m the first one to say what I do is crazy," Caputo said in a telephone interview. 

In that recent telephone interview, Caputo expanded on her abilities, her career, her life and one of her most meaningful experiences ahead of her upcoming live show scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 8 at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw. Tickets are still available and you can purchase them here.

Q: Have you ever done a show in Michigan before?

A: "Yes. It's been some time. It's hard to remember, especially, you know, after being at home for 18 months because of COVID-19. But, yes. Michigan is always one of my favorite places to be."

Q: Since the outbreak of COVID-19 halted touring for you, when did you get back on the road?

A: "What happened was that the tours I'm doing now, from the middle of August until the end of November, are all the shows that were postponed from 2020. Back in February, I was so proud of my team that we found a way, because people were searching for some type of hope, to do a lot of shows on the West Coast outdoors. Starting on Aug. 12 we were able to get back into theaters. We're still wearing face coverings and following all of the CDC guidelines and encouraging others to wear their face coverings, too. What people don't realize is that I'm in contact with thousands of people every day. I'm very grateful for the diligence of my crew to help keep everyone safe."

Q: What can people expect from a live show?

A: "I love doing live shows. We've created such an intimate moment. First, I come out on the stage, and I give a quick speech on what people can expect over the next two hours. Then once I start sensing and feeling 'Spirit', I come off that stage. 'Spirit' will guide me around the theater and have me stop in front of the person that they're speaking to, and deliver the healing messages to them. We also have cameras that follow me around. We have three cameras so no matter where you're seated, you can witness this up close and personal."

"What I have 'Spirit' do is to validate the message with something completely unique to that person. For instance, 'Spirit' might bring up something that happened years ago that the person forgot about, it might refer to things that have happened since they died, to validate that, through every breath that we take they're living life through our eyes in spirit form. They're not missing out. It really is incredible to feel that healing energy in that room. It leaves you breathless at times, and, you know, to feel everyone watch someone else receive healing is healing for themselves."

Q: How did you discover that you have this gift? Why do you think you were chosen to be this person for other people?

A: "I still question that. I couldn't understand why I was chosen and why this is my soul's journey. It's something that I struggled with for many years. From the age of four, I remember seeing things, seeing people in a room when there was no one else in the room but myself, hearing people speak to me, and nobody else heard it. I come from a very spiritual family and a strong faith family. So, no one ever really made a big deal about the things I would say growing up. It wasn't until later in my 20s that I discovered that not only was I connecting with my own departed loved ones but everyone else's. So, I struggled with my gift for over five years at that point, because I couldn't understand why God would bless me with this gift. I wondered, 'who in the world would want to see a medium to connect with people that have died?' And, what I learned is that unfortunately, no matter who we lose or how they died, young or old, we here in the physical world are left with negative emotions. Maybe it's a burden, guilt, and at the end of the day, what I've learned is that all of these negative emotions do not give us the ability to heal. So, I want to use my gift for healing to help people move on from the loss of a loved one."

Q: Does your gift grow stronger with the more work you continue to do?

A: "I know that my gift continues to grow daily. Every time I channel 'Spirit' I learn something new. Because you have to understand I find symbols and things that I've experienced here in the physical world to relay messages to someone. Everyone's life experience is very different than mine. So, a lot of times I might not understand or have experienced what that person went through or what they're feeling. So, 'Spirit' finds so many different ways to show me that. That's why I say my gift is always learning, growing and developing. I will never stop learning and growing from my gift."

Q: Do you think that other people can develop a gift similar to yours if they wish to communicate with spirits?

A: "Oh, absolutely! I think a lot of people might have a misconception on why I do what I do. I do what I do to give people peace and comfort after the loss of a loved one. But, I also want them to realize that a soul bond can never be broken. When we lose a loved one, the only thing we lose is that physical connection, that soul bond can never, and will never, be broken. That's why it's important to embrace the signs and symbols that go on around us. It's those little things that are just weird, like the smell of your grandmother's perfume moving through a room, knowing that's them, for that split second, letting you know they're with you. And, we all have that ability."

Q: What was it like growing up as a medium?

A: "Honestly, for me, I don't know any different. Growing up, I didn't know I was a medium at a young age. I just thought everyone was sensing and feeling the things that I did. For example, I remember when my nanny died when I was 16. We were all at her house after the funeral, and I was standing by the drapes talking to my nanny. And, my cousin came up to me, and he's like, 'what are you doing?' And I'm like, 'I'm talking to nanny.' And he's like, 'you're talking to the drapes. Nanny is dead. We just came from her funeral.' And I'm like, 'she's right here!' For my family, it was just like, okay, there's Theresa again. They believe in an afterlife so my family just blew it off.'

Q: I saw that you are a New York Times bestselling author. Congratulations on that. What's your favorite book you've written? Maybe the one you're most proud of?

A: "I love all of them for all different reasons. My first book, 'There's More to Life Than This,' I love because that's the introduction to getting people to understand or maybe to be like, okay, wait, maybe there is more to life, if they're struggling with that. My second book, 'You Can't Make This Stuff Up' was the book of validation of the unbelievable messages that 'Spirit' has shown me over the years. I love 'Good Grief' because it gives us permission to grieve on our own terms. My last book 'Good Mourning' is really insane. Two years prior to the pandemic, I felt the need to write a book saying that a loss is a loss, that we basically grieve and mourn something that we have to live without. And, it might not only be a loved one, it could be a friendship, it could be the loss of an argument, you know, retirement, not it being the expectation of what we thought it might be. After the pandemic, I realized that this book was so powerful, and affected so many people in different ways because we might not have lost someone over the past 18 months but we've all lost something. It's important to mourn and to grieve that." 

Q: How did the filming of your new show 'There in Spirit' go?

A: "There in Spirit is streaming on Discovery Plus. We actually filmed a majority of it during the pandemic, over zoom. Through the pandemic, I also created a podcast called 'Hey Spirit!' And, you can find it wherever you listen to podcasts. I'm able to put out a new episode each week. And, I have a hotline that people can call and leave a message. You never know, someone might call you back, and you might just end up being a guest on 'Hey Spirit!'"

"If you’d like to ask a question or have a chance at a reading, the number is 1-866-822-7886. That's how people become a guest on my podcast from all over the world. The newest episode we did in memory of 9/11. We visited all the sites where the tragedies happened and I was able to give the gift of healing, even after 20 years. I learned that these families have to grieve their loved ones detail by detail, minute by minute, hour by hour every single year, and how insensitive that is for them. And, how hard that has been for them. It was such a profound and important special that I did. I'm so proud of that. I still can't talk about it without getting choked up."

Q: If somebody is desperate for a reading, since you have an extensive waiting list, is there another medium that you recommend?

A: "I say to people that you would have to go by recommendation from someone in your area. Also, I know this is what I do for a living, but I want people to believe in themselves. I want people to know that they can get their own connection with their loved ones. And that as a medium, we are just able to validate that the things that are going on around us are real and that their loved ones are safe."

Q: If this wasn't your career, what would you be doing?

A: "I have no idea because I can't imagine doing anything else. I know that sounds crazy, because what I do is so unique. And even like 20 years ago I couldn't leave my house because I was paralyzed with anxiety. And, here I am. I'm literally talking to you right now on my tour bus. I always felt there was something missing deep within my soul, and it wasn't until I embraced my gifts when I felt complete."

Q: Will you ever stop doing readings for people?

A: "When I read I become more energized. It takes more energy for me to block the souls than for me to just acknowledge what they're saying. I don't think, whether I don't do a television show or whether I stop touring, I don't think I'll ever stop talking and channeling the souls of the departed."

Q: As someone who talks to the dead, is Halloween your favorite holiday?

A: "It actually is not. It's Halloween every day for me, but it's not scary. I'm afraid of the dark, like I sleep with a nightlight. I don't like being scared. So for me Halloween, because it tends to be scary, I'm not really a fan of it."

Q: Before we go, maybe you could tell me one of your favorite stories from giving readings?

A: "Well, that is probably impossible because we would need centuries to do that since every reading I do is profound, crazy and unique. But, I guess I'll share this because I saw a young boy that died." 

"There was a young boy that had come, his parents had come to me for a reading, and I could feel the tension between them. The little boy came through and said, 'Mom, don't be angry, and don't blame my death on daddy. It wasn't his fault.' And, the story was that this little boy, he was four and his name was Shane, he was disabled. And his mom never left his side. But, this one day, she decided to go to her daughter's dance recital and left Shane home with his dad. Shane got out of the sliding door and ended up drowning in the family pool in the backyard because the dad was on a phone call. And, she blamed her husband. They were on the verge of divorce when they came to me for a reading, and I wasn't aware of that. And, Shane came through and said, 'Mom, it's dad's soul's journey to carry my death on his soul, because you never would have been able to survive if you were home with me. I want you to remember that I got out of that sliding door many times when you were home. And, that it wasn't daddy's fault.' And, their family was united after that. They're still together, I get a Christmas card from them every year."

"I think that it's such a profound statement showing that what I do is so much more than reconnecting people with the souls of their loved ones. It gives us that faith and that strength to go on. And you know, people say all the time, they're like, I had no idea what to expect when I went to the show. I personally didn't get read but what I witnessed was absolutely life-changing."

For more on reality TV's "Long Island Medium" visit her website.