New feature alerts you if a campsite opens up statewide

DNR announced the addition of this feature on Thursday

Photo of Angela Mulka

Have you been struggling to snag a campsite this summer?

With the interest in camping and other outdoor activities skyrocketing since the COVID-19 pandemic has limited travel options, people have been struggling to reserve campsites due to a higher demand than ever before, according to Bill Sheffer, executive director of the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds.

“When the booking window opens, customers can be literally competing with hundreds of thousands of people trying to book at our most popular parks," said Jeremy Spell, the central reservation system analyst for Michigan Department of Natural Resources. "With a little over 13,000 campsites in the system, it can definitely be tough to land the perfect campsite when competing with that many customers."

That's why Michigan's Department of Natural Resources has added a "notify me" feature to alert you when a campsite opens up. 

Just in time for Labor Day holiday weekend, the new feature on the Michigan State Park & Harbor Reservations website lets you sign up for an email notification when a site becomes available for selected dates.

It's easy. If the campground, overnight lodging facility or shelter you're looking at is full, click on the "notify me" button for the dates you've selected in your search. 

Then, just follow the prompts and you'll receive an email notification when a spot opens up.

Though summer is coming to an end, remember to utilize this feature in the future.

This feature is not currently available for harbors. For assistance with this feature, use the "live chat" option located at the bottom of under "Contact Us".