Michigan Renaissance Festival's highland fling is this weekend

Get your Celtic kicks at the Renaissance Festival’s Highland Fling Aug. 28-29

Photo of Angela Mulka
Michigan Renaissance Festival's Highland Fling weekend flyer.

Michigan Renaissance Festival's Highland Fling weekend flyer.

Photo provided/Michigan Renaissance Festival

Michigan Renaissance Festival's Highland Fling is taking place this weekend on Aug. 28 and 29. The Scots Irish take over for the weekend, bringing all of their signature bawdy ruckus with them.

The festival, in its entirety, began on Aug. 21 and continues on weekends from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. until Oct. 3. Rain or shine, Michigan's Renaissance Festival is located at 12600 Dixie Hwy. in Holly. Free parking is offered and tickets are available here. Children four and under are free. Cost of food at the festival varies from $2 to $20.

The festival includes things like jousting, which happens three times a day and is free to enjoy and included with festival admission, more than 120 artisan shops featuring unique arts and crafts, playing games of skill and participating in a variety of human-powered rides. In addition, hundreds of costumed characters are there to entertain your party with several performances daily.

The festival offers seven themed weekends to bring a new adventure to your group, offering unique programs, activities and more.

The Highland Fling weekend is the second of the seven themed weekends offered this year.

For more information

Email info@michrenfest.com or call 248-634-5552.

Visit the festival's social channels to stay updated on Twitter and Facebook.

The Highland Games will have you cheering for your favorite athlete in this eight-series event. Championships are on Saturday and State Masters is on Sunday. And, don’t forget to attend the Men in Kilts contest to see who can sport the best kilt. Men in Kilts is one of the most popular contests and happens on Igor's Roost State at 3 p.m. No pre-entry is required, just show up at the stage at that time on the day you decide to go, according to the Michigan Renaissance Festival website.

"Keep your head low and be mindful of flying logs, Hollygrove will be playing host to the US/Canada Highland Games," said the Michigan Renaissance Festival Marketing Department in a recent press release. "Watch as the burliest Canada and the U.S. have to offer toss everything but the kitchen sink as a test of true Highlander might. Events will include the Caber Toss, the Stone Throw, the Sheaf Toss and more. For lads with more beauty than beast, we implore you to put your charms to the test at the Michigan Renaissance Festival’s Bonnie Knees and Men in Kilts competitions. Scotsmen and simple folk alike can strut their stuff at the feet of the Queen herself in a bid to be deemed the best-kilted lad."

What's on the menu this weekend?

Salmon dill puffs are slated as the appetizer, with fresh roast corn chowder as the soup option. A salad of watermelon, fresh basil, feta cheese and arugula with a balsamic reduction is also offered. The "intermezzo" is a zesty lemon sorbet with rosemary and the entree features herbed pork loin with spicy apricot sauce, caramelized vegetables and smashed potatoes. For dessert, you can expect a triple chocolate cheesecake with fresh berries, according to the website.

Additionally, food "fit for royalty" will be offered all day long at various food stands, including gluten-free options. Click here to explore the options.