Mexican Pizza back to stay? Taco Bell says yes!

Fans of the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza will likely do a happy dance as the menu item makes its permanent return Sept. 15 — or sooner with the brand's app.

Taco Bell ditched the Mexican pizza two years ago, which prompted a slew of outrage from fans, eventually leading up to a petition to bring back the fan favorite. The petition, which was pushed in large part by Krish Jagirdar, eventually accumulated more than 170,000 signatures calling for the pizza's return.

Taco Bell was obviously well aware of the petition because shortly after issuing the press release, it responded to the post reiterating the return of the Mexican pizza.

"Wow. You did it. All 171,735 of you. You saved Mexican pizza," the response read. "So, thank you. Thank you for your signatures and support. Thank you for every comment, tweet, and request. Thank you to Krish Jagirdar for never giving up on Mexican pizza and starting this petition. And to our team members, we’re sorry for every time you’ve had to answer "when is Mexican Pizza coming back?""

The company re-released the Mexican pizza May 19.

The celebration was short-lived, however. In less than two weeks Taco Bell reportedly ran out of the supplies to make the Mexican pizza, and made an announcement on Twitter that the product was pulled — for a short time.

With the pizza's return also comes the return of the hyped Mexican Pizza: The Musical, which is said to include celebrity pizza fans Dolly Parton and Doja Cat.

"When Mexican Pizza went away, its fans poured their hearts into bringing it back. Now, let’s come together to celebrate its forever return. Grab a friend, some Mexican Pizza, and enjoy the show," the TikTok event page reads.