Homemade & More puts Reed City's talent on display

Owner: 'I like seeing everybody's things'

REED CITY — Homemade & More Consignment is a new shop that opened a month ago in downtown Reed City.

Owned by former factory worker Kristopher Cross, the store features homemade goods, antiques, specialty items and decorations, T-shirts, jewelry, coffee mugs, stickers, blankets, and more. 

Almost all the goods in the store are homemade by artisans, woodworkers and craft enthusiasts who live in the Reed City area. Cross makes custom T-shirts for customers, as well as jewelry, beadwork and decorations made out of vinyl records which he uses a laser cutter on to create designs.

Cross was on Pinterest when he got the idea for the vinyl records carved with a laser. He already had a laser cutter, but it was too small to set the vinyl records on, so he traded in his coin collection for cash and bought himself a bigger one.

"They just look cool when they're done," Cross said, and they sell quite well.

Cross originally taught himself how to do beadwork, make jewelry and use a laser cutter by watching YouTube videos. In the early 2000s, Cross said he used to work on cars a lot, and he'd have to go buy a book from the auto parts store and read through the book to know how to fix a car. Compared to now, where he can "just hit a YouTube video, watch it for 10 minutes. And now I know how to tear the motor out of a car."

Putting together a beadwork elephant that took three months and over one million beads would be stressful and tedious to most, but Cross finds it relaxing, despite arthritis in his hands making this job harder. That same love for crafts that led Cross to begin making custom art, like his vinyl record decorations and beadwork, led him to open the store, and so far he has loved seeing what the community of arts-and-crafts enthusiasts in Reed City is capable of creating.

"I like seeing everybody's things that they bring in," he said. "They're different."

"Everybody that comes in here loves it," he said. "They thank me for putting in such a nice store."

Cross also made note of the fact that there are few retail stores like his in downtown Reed City.

"They're glad to see something other than you know, some buildings that are just lawyers and hair cutting and bars," he said.

Cross offers consignment for $35 per month, meaning that artists can sell their items for a little more than a dollar a day, rather than just leaving their creations at home to gather dust.

Cross wants the consignment shop to gain more vendors and popularity and has been trying to spread the word about it on Facebook. But for only one month into the game, Cross is relatively happy with the variety and volume of goods people have already consigned. With the summer coming up, he's hoping to find a way to get people taking U.S. 131 to go up north into his store. 

Visit Homemade & More in downtown Reed City at 114 W Upton Ave or call the store at 616-439-8252 for more information.