Evart schools hires former Reed City superintendent

Munroe takes on new role as special education teacher



EVART -- Myra Munroe didn't have to look too far to find a new job.

After stepping down from her position as Reed City Area Public Schools superintendent three months ago, Munroe has taken on a new role as a special education teacher at Evart Middle School.

Munroe started shortly after winter break, filling a position which had been vacant for about four years, Evart Public Schools Superintendent Shirley Howard said.

Previously, the position had been filled by various substitute teachers, with the most recent one leaving halfway through the year because of her conflicting college schedule. With Munroe out of a job and the position open again, Howard said she saw the circumstance as a perfect opportunity to offer Munroe the job.

"This just happened to fall into our laps," she said. "She filled a need we really did have, and we are very excited to have her."

Though Munroe worked her way up to superintendent, she began her career in special education and is certified to teach the subject.

"She's very passionate about special ed," Howard said, noting Munroe "never intended on becoming a superintendent when she began teaching.

"Sometimes you just have to get back into what you began your career with."

Munroe began her short career at RCAPS in 2017, before submitting her resignation at the school district's November board of education meeting.

"The school board has decided to go in a different direction with leadership, and with that, Dr. Munroe has decided to resign," RCAPS school board president Kim Johnson said at the time.

While Munroe's quick resignation sparked some controversy, Howard said she had no reservations in making the decision to bring her on as a special education teacher.

Additionally, she said after sending a disclosure form to Munroe's former employers -- who are legally required to say whether or not she acted unprofessionally on the job -- it came back with no concerns.

"I have to do what's best for Evart students, and that is regardless of any rumors or gossip," Howard said.

Munroe could not be reached for comment in time for publication.