Little Red Barn Soap Co. owner turns hobby into business

Booher: ‘It's super great for skin conditions’

EVART — A good soap can make all the difference in a relaxing bath, shower, or even hand wash, and one Evart entrepreneur has spent several years bringing quality soaps to customers. 

Amy Booher, the owner of the Little Red Barn Soap Company, first began making and selling her soap in 2017. She now has a growing business shipping her products to customers both in and outside of Michigan. 

Booher said soap making is a fun process. 

“I started when my oldest son left for college, and it was more of a hobby,” Booher said. “Then I started making the soap, and people liked it. Five years later, I have a couple of retail stores that carry it. I'm making it all the time, and it's just great, I really enjoy it.” 

The soaps that the company produces are goat milk and glycerin-based. Booher hand makes several different scent of soaps. 

Booher said she has gotten compliments on her soap’s quality. 

“It’s basically just the different scents, and different molds,” Booher said. “One of the great features of this soap is it's super great for skin conditions like eczema and dry skin. It's just a real nice lathered moisturized soap, that's what people tell me. I think it's great, but when you hear it from other people, it makes it even better.”

The Little Red Barn’s soap scents have included oats and honey, lavender, blueberry buckle, and strawberries & cream. The most recent scent that has been popular is a new lemon peel smell. 

Booher said making seasonal options is something she focuses on.

“Every season I try to have five or six different scents,” Booher said. “That way I don't have tons of supplies and overbuying, and I try to make it practical. We also do gift boxes, and I'm doing farmers’ market to-go boxes. You see those boxes on TV that you can buy once a month or whatever with all different stuff.

"What I've been trying to gather as local people around the area for the boxes. This month, it's lavender, so I have all lavender things,” she added. “Then I have someone who makes homemade lavender candles. I have my products and I have some seeds from the local nursery, just different things like that to make them fun.”

The business has also done pop-up booths at Morgan Composting and other locations, and sold items like dog collars and bandanas. The Little Red Barn Soap Company also has dog deodorizer sprays available, as well as scented bug repellent sprays. 

According to Healthline, goat milk-based soap has recently gained popularity, but using goat milk and other fats for cosmetics and soaps stems back thousands of years. 

Goat milk soap is made via the traditional soap-making process known as saponification, which involves combining acid, fats, and oils with a base called lye. Goat milk is rich in both saturated and unsaturated fats, making it ideal for soap production.

In most soaps, lye is made by combining water and sodium hydroxide. However, when making goat milk soap, goat milk is used instead of water, allowing for a creamier consistency due to naturally occurring fats. 

Booher said she is always looking for new ways to impact the community. 

“I try to give back as much as possible,” Booher said. “It might even be just something little. Last year, we were able to help out the Evart High School with their glam bags for prom, and there were over 300 lip balms that we donated. We donate to different fundraisers just to keep in the community and to help out.

"It's kind of cool when you see your name pop up, and then people put two and two together and go ‘that's the lady from The Little Red Barn.’” 

“I just really enjoy it,” she added. “It's a feel-good type of business, that you can make someone's day with just this little thing. Just a little gift bag of some of our products brightens their day.”

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