Evart holds scavenger hunt to celebrate city's sesquicentennial

Organizer Kathy Maddern: 'Everybody seemed really excited about doing it'

EVART — Evart held the first in a series of events to celebrate the city's sesquicentennial, when on Friday, June 10, members of the community set out across town in a scavenger hunt organized by committee member Kathy Maddern.

Participants were required to split into teams and take photos in front of several locations around Evart, including parks, landmarks, and places of historical significance. The first team to take photos in front of all the received a gift card to B.C. Pizza.

Todd Bruggema, director of the Evart Downtown Development Association, and his team won the contest but declined the prize, so it went to the second place winners.

Maddern spoke about her expectations for the event. Since the scavenger hunt wasn't a fundraising event, the only goal was for the community to have fun commemorating the 150th birthday of their city by visiting some of its best locations.


To see more photos from Evart's scavenger hunt, visit www.theheraldreview.com.

"I feel good about my 10 teams," Maddern said. 

Maddern hoped some families would wear costumes or matching T-shirts, or plan funny poses for their photos.

"There's a family that has a set of twins and a little 4-year-old, and they all wore matching shirts today," Maddern said.

She expressed gratitude that some teams got very into it, like a couple who arrived more than half an hour early to the event and were very excited for it to begin.

"Everybody seemed really excited about doing it. So I was pretty happy," Maddern said.