EHS students to experience life after high school

Panel to offer life advice from recent graduates

EVART — Juniors and seniors at Evart High School will be given the opportunity to explore life outside of high school Wednesday, at the school's first alumni panel event.

The event, which is intended to teach students about life after high school, will allow students to speak with recent EHS alumni about the real world.

"It's our first time ever doing anything like this, so it's really exciting," Jessica Kolenda, principal at EHS, said.

So far, six former students have agreed to be part of the panel, and are recent graduates within the last four years or so, Kolenda said.

"I'll give all the panelists guidance on what to say, but I'm hoping it'll be a good opportunity for them to talk about any struggles or successes they've encountered and how they got to where they are now," she said.

She added after alumni give a brief synopsis of what they currently are doing, there also will be a brief question and answer session.

The event comes from EHS' close partnership with the Michigan College Access Network, which works to change the meaning of what most consider college.

"We want students to know there are a lot of other options," Kolenda said. "It doesn't just have to be a four-year degree, or even a two-year degree."

She added students in the panel will be from varying backgrounds, and have all gone in different directions after high school, such as attending a university, going into the work force or joining the military.

Kolenda added, as principal for the last six years, it will be good feedback for her as well, giving her the chance to see how her former students are doing after high school.

"It will be a very meaningful two hours," Kolenda said.