Despite trade, Michiganders remain loyal to Stafford

The former Lions quarterback will play in Super Bowl LVI on Sunday

Photo of Chris Carr

As Matthew Stafford prepares to play the biggest game in football, his fans in Michigan are donning their number nine jerseys.

After 12 seasons, Stafford left the Detroit Lions to join the Los Angeles Rams. After one season with them, he is playing the Super Bowl and many Detroit Lions fans are remaining loyal to the former Lions quarterback.

During a Q&A session on his birthday earlier this week, Stafford returned the sentiment to Detroit.

"They were extremely loyal, they were great, they were passionate, all the things you want fans to be. Unbelievable to me and my wife and my family and the community," Stafford said.

"How many times we were out to eat or playing with our kids in the park and the support we felt from them. Not only when the times were good, but when my wife was going through some of the things she was going through health wise or maybe we weren't winning football games, they were always supportive and people that cared about not only the Lions and me but my family and us as people," Stafford said. "Always going to have a soft spot for Detroit in my heart."

The Detroit team hasn't won a championship since 1957, but seeing the former Detroit quarterback take on seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and win a conference championship with the Rams has brought renewed vigor to the fan base.

Many Lions fans are taking the opportunity to cheer for a team they have a connection with in Super Bowl LVI. Some have even dubbed themselves Detroit Rams fans and created merchandise around that.

In anticipation of the event, Detroit fans have taken to social media to show their support.

Super Bowl LVI will air on NBC on Sunday, Feb. 13 with kickoff at 6:30 p.m. EST.