Reed City approves water upgrades, Crossroads Celebration plans

REED CITY — The City Council of Reed City made decisions on several propositions Monday night during their regular council meeting. 

Water system improvement plan: The council also held a public hearing on a proposed water system improvement plan before their regular meeting. The proposal includes the replacement of a water supply well, 1,450 feet of water main distribution, and 350 water service lines, amongst other repairs to the system.

The council was asked to be proactive, as the city's water system has not been updated or refurbished in some time, and elements of it are aged and in disrepair, according to Scott Rasmussen, a representative of the engineering firm Flies & Vandenbrink.

Funding is being requested from The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy's Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program. The overall cost of the project is around $3.5 million.

The council voted unanimously to approve this project.

Great American Crossroads Celebration: Jesse Kailing, president of the board of the Great American Crossroads Celebration, appeared seeking approval for drink tents, road closures, and noise ordinances for the event. 

"We're doing the best we can," Kailing said, regarding the lack of personnel the project now has.

Some aspects of the celebration, including the craft show and kickball tournament have been cancelled. The most important part of the celebration, according to Kailing, is the kid's carnival, which they are doing their best to keep as part of it.

The council granted all requests Kailing made for the celebration, and thanked him for keeping it going.

New beer festival: Deanna Murphy of the Reed City Brewing Company appeared seeking approval of a new beer festival in Reed City. 

Mayor Roger Meinert said it was an "awesome idea" and an "outstanding opportunity."

"What a great way to bring new people to our city that wouldn't normally come here," Meinert said. "I love it."

The council voted to approve all requests related to the new beer festival.

Connecting trails: Another project, to improve Reed City's existing park system by connecting the city's trails to municipal trails, will hopefully allow for more hikes that loop, rather than straight shots that require hikers to experience the same scenery twice.

Reed City has an existing culture of outdoor recreation, with the Purple Heart Trail and Rambadt Park drawing many outside to enjoy nature. But there's currently no connections between the trails, and the community has been asking for a way to turn the trails into a loop so they can hike without having to double back.

The council voted to approve this project as well.

220th corridor enhancement: Finally, the council also considered a request to move forward with a request for the 220th Corridor Enhancement project, in tandem with Richmond Township.

City Manager Rich Saladin said it's the "gateway" to their community and hopes this road improvement project will lead to more joint projects with Richmond Township.

The council voted unanimously to approve this project.