Chinese restaurant part of five-store plaza

REED CITY – Reed City residents will not have to travel far for a taste of the East when China King Chinese restaurant makes its home in a new five-store plaza in early fall.

Visser Brothers Inc. began May 28 constructing an 80- by 100-foot addition off the east side of the Family Farm and Home store, located at 21875 North Park St. in Richmond Township. The plaza will house five 20- by 80-foot stores, four of which are available to be leased.

Construction of the strip will be finished at the end of August, said Greg Bol, Visser Brothers Inc. real estate broker.

One of the 1,600 square-foot spaces will house the China King restaurant owned by Chan Ying, who also owns a Chinese restaurant in Howell.

Richmond Township zoning administrator Art Moyses said the construction of the addition was approved in 2010 with the site plan of the Family Farm and Home Store, which opened in 2011. The land is zoned as local commercial, meaning it could house a variety of retail, office, food or mixed-use businesses.

“It’s zoned for (business, such as) fast food, a barber shop, a Chinese restaurant, an accounting firm...” Moyses said. “Lots of little types of businesses could go there.”

Family Farm and Home store manager Brent Reichard said he is excited about the new plaza and thinks it will draw more people to his store.

“I believe it will help our store out and (bring) more people into Reed City,” Reichard said.

After its first year of operation, Reichard said business at his farm store has gone very well. He credits the proximity to the major highway for the success.

“With our location being next to the highway, people going north always get off the road here, go to McDonald and pop into my store,” Reichard said.

With the new businesses adding another reason for travelers to stop off in Reed City, Reichard anticipates a positive impact on his business and the area.

“I think (the development) is going to be a very good thing for the community,” he said.

Visser Brothers Inc. is a Grand Rapids-based general contracting company with more than 50 developments in Michigan. The company has constructed a wide variety of facilities including restaurants, offices, retail stores, hotels, and industrial sites.

Bill Mast, president of Visser Brothers Inc. said China King is the only tenant confirmed to occupy space in the new Reed City plaza. Discussions have been held with other businesses interested in renting any of the remaining four stores.

The decision to build the stores in Reed City was made after Visser Brothers aquired excess land in the purchase of the Family Farm and Home site, Mast said. After learning of Ying’s interest in bringing a China King to the area, the company decided to build the strip of small stores on the unused land.

“We have built Family Farm and Home in several different spots and they wanted to go to Reed City, so we ended up doing that deal with them and now we’re adding on,” Mast said.

Though the space only has one store currently rented, Mast expects others business owners to lease the stores after the mini-mall construction is finished.

“A lot of tenants don’t want to (lease) right away,” Mast said. “But when we have a lead tenant, like the Chinese restaurant, we go ahead with the project.”

The company may look into constructing additional stores connected to the plaza in the future.

Businesses interested in renting any of the remaining four storefronts can contact Bol at (616) 292-9918.