Central Michigan District Health Department offers family planning program

With teen pregnancy rates on the rise, it is time to focus even more on education and prevention. Even though parental involvement is not required, the Central Michigan District Health Department encourages teens to talk to their parents or an adult they trust about the consequences that follow risky behaviors. Believe it or not, kids want to know what their parents think.

  • FACT: Teens say parents are the #1 influence on them when it comes to dating and relationships.
  • FACT: When it comes to healthy relationships, teens say it’s all about trust, and honesty is the second 
    most important factor in a healthy relationship.
  • FACT: Almost 1 in 6 teens say they don’t know anyone who serves as an example of a healthy 

The Family Planning Program at CMDHD has caring Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses working in our 
offices. Services include: 

  • Annual (physical) exams, including tests for sexually-transmitted infections.
  • A full range of birth control information, including abstinence education.
  • A variety of birth control methods, including birth control pills, injections, rings, IUDs, implants, 
    condoms, natural family planning, and emergency contraception.
  • Pregnancy testing, counseling, and referrals.
  • Screening for referrals for breast and cervical cancer, as well as other health issues.
  • Client education and counseling, as well as community education.
  • Follow-up visits and referrals for social and medical issues.
  • Sending prescriptions we order to your local pharmacy.

Parents and other trusted adults are encouraged to call or visit our clinics for a tour. This is available even if your teen is not using the health department’s family planning services. We encourage community members,  parents, clergy, teachers, and teens to join our Family Planning Advisory Board, which meets twice a year to discuss the family planning needs in our communities. 

Please contact your local Central Michigan District Health Department branch office for more information by visiting our website at www.cmdhd.org. You can also call our offices at:

  • Arenac: (989) 846-6541 ext. 1316
  • Isabella: (989) 773-5921 ext. 1406
  • Clare: (989) 539-6731 ext. 1216
  • Osceola: (231) 832-5532 ext. 1216
  • Gladwin: (989) 426-9431 ext. 1316
  • Roscommon: (989) 366-9166 ext. 1316

— Central Michigan District Health Department serves the counties of Arenac, Clare, Gladwin, Isabella, Osceola, and Roscommon. Visit www.cmdhd.org and LIKE Central Michigan District Health Department on Facebook