Cast a line: Michigan is the second best state for fishing

Second only to Alaska

Photo of Angela Mulka

Cast a line in Pure Michigan as it's the second best state in the nation for fishing, per a new survey produced by LawnLove, a national lawn management service.

Michigan is making waves in the fishing world. The state is second only to Alaska. 

Michigan's performance is no surprise — after all, the state’s name derives from the Ojibwe word Michigama, meaning “large lake.” Surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan boasts the longest freshwater coastline in the world. And. with nearly 65,000 lakes and ponds, the state easily earned first place in the "Access" category, according to the survey.

Drop a line into 11,000 inland lakes or tens of thousands of miles or rivers and streams. Michigan is home to both champion anglers and weekend enthusiasts, according to Nationally, 55 million people said they fish at least once a year. This is the highest recorded number of anglers since 2007, according to the survey.

Additionally, with more than 150 species of fish to catch — from salmon and walleye to bass and lake trout — you'll run out of day before the state runs out of fish.

The top places to fish in Michigan include Saginaw Bay, Union Lake, which is one of the deepest lakes in Michigan, and 275,000-acre Lake St. Clair, according to the survey.

Cold climates dominate the top three spots. The top five states to fish in are Alaska, Michigan, Maine, Rhode Island and Florida.

The worst states for fishing are Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

The ranking compared the 50 states based on four key dimensions, including 11 metrics. Those dimensions were "Community" which included metrics like the number of fishing licenses issued per capita and the number of fishing competitions, "Access" which included the percentage of the state covered by water, "Cost" which included the cost of fishing licenses and "Supplies" which included the amount of fishing gear stores per 100,000 residents and the amount of bait and tackle shops per 100,000 residents. 

Each state was ranked on a 100-point scale. Data used to create this ranking came from Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Field & Stream and Scheels.

Read the full survey here