See how renovations are returning the Big Rapids Depot to 1911 look

BIG RAPIDS — Work on restoration of the former Big Rapids Depot building to its original 1911 look is well underway with a new red roof and yellow siding completed.

New owner Duncan Klussman told the Pioneer previously that they decided to replicate the 1911 look of the structure after seeing a postcard of it on ebay.

They are still exploring their options as to what they will do with the building once renovations are compete, he said, but are looking at using the building in conjunction with the White Pine Trail.

Currently the building is zoned industrial, which will need to be changed to accommodate a commercial use of the structure. The city is currently considering making that change.

Once the building is in better shape, Klussman said, they will plan to have an open house so that members of the community can come by and get a look at it and provide some input on what they would like to see done with the building.