Beloit officer who shot man won't be charged

BELOIT, Wis. (AP) — A Beloit police officer who shot a man who was trying to disarm her won’t face any criminal charges, prosecutors said Friday.

The Beloit Daily News reported that Sgt. Shannon Dykstra shot Bautista Almaraz after he tried to take her gun following a traffic accident on Dec. 21.

Rock County District Attorney David O’Leary said Friday that Dykstra acted lawfully. He released a report based on a review by the state Division of Criminal Investigation that found the incident began when Almaraz “threw himself” into a car and then walked away.

Dykstra tried to make contact with Almaraz as he was walking and advised other units that he was having a “mental health issue.” He lunged at Dykstra and grabbed her gun, the report said. A struggle ensued as Dykstra tried to back away. Almaraz ignored her commands to get on the ground and lunged at her multiple times before she finally shot him, the report stated.

The incident was captured on Dykstra's body camera.

Dykstra remains on administrative leave pending an internal police review. Almaraz survived the shooting and has been charged with trying to disarm a police officer and criminal damage to property.