5 quick and easy seasonal drinks for your fall parties

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Grab some spices, some cider and wine and you will be set for many fall drink recipes.

Grab some spices, some cider and wine and you will be set for many fall drink recipes.

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Whether it’s a night in or a Halloween party, here are some easy to make drinks to enjoy this fall season.

1. Mulled wine

Pour some red wine into a saucepan and add fresh oranges, cloves and stick cinnamon. Let it simmer and enjoy. This is a perfect drink to make in large batches for parties and seasonal get-togethers.

2. Cider mimosa

While it might not seem as much of a brunch class, the cider mimosa is an easy and tasty drink to make. Just grab a champagne flute, fill it halfway with apple cider and the other half with champagne. A perfect drink for a fall brunch.

3. Fall Sangria

Sangria is a staple for summer parties so why not bring it into the fall season as well? All you need is some white wine, apple slices, some pear slices if that appeals to you, apple cider and something to add a little fizz like club soda.

4. Hot Toddy

The Hot Toddy is a classic cold weather cocktail. All it takes is some hot water, add in your favorite whiskey and adjust to taste with lemon juice and honey. In addition to a great taste, it can help with coughs and sore throats during the fall and winter season.

5. Wassail

Another great party drink you can make in bulk is Wassail. Mix together apple cider, orange juice, and a little bit of lemon juice into a pot and let it simmer. Don’t forget to add spices like cloves, cinnamon sticks and nutmeg. Not only is this a great fall drink, it’s also a Christmas season classic so you’ll be using it for months.

Bonus: Michigan Beer

If you don’t feel like putting together a drink, there’s nothing easier than just hopping on down to the beer and liquor store and picking up some wonderful Michigan beers. You’ll find a great assortment such as Ichabod from New Holland Brewing or an Oktoberfest from either Bell’s Brewery or Founder’s.