Youngs to have no contact with witnesses, road commission employees

Cliff Youngs
Cliff Youngs

REED CITY — Former Osceola County Road Comission manager Cliff Youngs has avoided jail time after being arrested last week on charges that violated the conditions of his bond.

Youngs, 42, was charged on Monday with two counts of trespassing and one count of malicious destruction of property after running over his neighbor’s fence with his truck.

Youngs, who lives in Big Rapids, told the Pioneer on Wednesday that he was working on a piece of property he owns in Reed City when his gas pedal malfunctioned, causing his truck to run into his neighbor’s fence. The neighbor is a Osceola County Road Commission employee. The passenger in Young’s truck also is a road commission employee.

On Friday, Youngs appeared in Osceola County’s 49th Circuit Court to enter a not guilty plea on a felony perjury charge.

During the hearing, Gregory Townsend, a prosecutor from the Attorney General’s Office, argued that Youngs’ actions fell under the category of witness intimidation and asked that his bond be adjusted. Judge Scott Hill-Kennedy said there “wasn’t enough conclusive evidence” to classify the incident as witness intimidation, but agreed to adjust Youngs’ bond to include a no contact order for several witnesses. He asked Townsend and Youngs’ attorney, Roger Wotilla, to compile a list of other potential witnesses and road commission employees whose names should be included in the no contact order.

Youngs is charged with perjury for allegedly lying under oath to a detective during a sworn interview with Michigan State Police detectives in March. He was under investigation for ordering road commission employees to fraudulently alter time cards in order to apply grant funding to road commission projects not covered in those grants.

There were no future court dates scheduled for Youngs as of Friday.