Young writers attend Ferris workshops

LEROY — Thoughts toward the end of the school year have a tendency to turn toward things other than reading and writing and arithmetic, but not so for a group of area youngsters who opted to take a summer class at Ferris with a focus on writing.

Real writing. Not just short sentences, but stories. Mystery stories at that.

Susan Stoll, a teacher in the Pine River School District, was one of the adults who helped it happen, along with Bernadette Fox, Bulldog Writers Coordinator, and an instructor at BRHS.

The youngest writers included children from G.T. Norman Elementary at Reed City, and St. Mary’s, Crossroads Academy, and St. Mary’s, all in Big Rapids.

In addition, there were writers from Tri-County High School, Chippewa Hills High School, and Big Rapids High.

Not only did they learn techniques, but also shared their writing in a booklet. In addition to that, they each had an opportunity to stand before the other young writers, family members and friends and actually read their mystery story.

That activity took place at a special celebration ceremony held on the last day of classes.

The four teens who took part delighted the crowd with such things as one young lady reading her writing to a rap beat and another offering in a Shakespearean mode with a traffic light that “turnest green” and a person who “wishest”.

An instructor said one of the writers who usually always had the class laughing, put a very somber tone to a poem, “I’m not dead yet, but I’m not living.”

A young man offered a poem based on the book of the Giver, and another writer created a poem about Ferris.

The younger group did a variety of stories such as a mystery involving “Officer Bob,” another a college professor, still others including a fingerprint machine, a mystery at the Rock Café at Ferris, vampires, gathering evidence, and a whole variety of other mystery components.